Make Memories this Black Friday Cyber Monday

Make Memories this Black Friday Cyber Monday

This year as we try to find our footing on a new set of traditions and holidays, we would love for you to Make Memories with us - make some new memories and revive some old ones. 

From Black Friday through Cyber Monday, you will find:

  1. 10% off individual products - explore our shop!
  2. New holiday bundles - explore our bundles!
  3. Gifts with Purchase over $149. Bonus: that gets you free shipping too! You'll get a single 10 pack of Keto Bars - Chocolate Strawberry, Mint Chocolate or the Variety Pack. 
  4. 8 BRAND NEW LAUNCHES. Read more below

But First, Why do you participate in Black Friday Cyber Monday sales?

This is an important question! We focus on having fair prices all year round and you know that because we don't run 77% off sales (what even is that?)


We participate in BFCM sales because:

  • Show love - This is a way to give back to our incredible Customer Friends. You shop with us every month, every quarter, every year and we want to support your budget and wallet
  • New Launches - We are told time and time again to consolidate our launches to support our Customer Friends with shipping fees and so we aim to launch awesome brands before and on Black Friday! Larger orders = less packaging & 1 time ship = lower carbon footprint for our company
  • Review all the inventory - we have (a full count) and offer sales on any overstocks and best befores. We do this 2x per year
  • Discoverability - Many potential Customer Friends are shopping right now and this is our chance to welcome you if you are one of them

How do you follow your values of respecting the planet this Black Friday?

We LOVE this question!

We pack in small boxes unlike the largest retailer in the world. Size Does Matter when it comes to shipping and you can expect brown paper packaging and smaller boxes from Switch. We ask if you can repurpose your boxes and brown paper for wrapping holiday gifts.

We ask our Customer Friends to respect your goals! It's a good time to save and buy in bulk. But our discounts are not steep and crazy, so you can preserve your cash flow and buy other times during the year from us too.

We've put together our favourite Holiday Bundles for you to try (and Save!) this year!  

See all the Holiday Bundles!


 Holiday Coffee Bundle 



Holiday Baking Bundle



Charcuterie Sides Bundle (most requested!)


Charcuterie Sides Bundle

 Keto Chow Holiday Bundle with Secret Flavour


KetoChow Holiday Bundle


And even more exciting news, we have 4 new holiday bundles for Keto Chow. If you love Keto Chow and the 21 serving bags, you will love saving with these bundles (save 15% on each!)

1. Chocolate Obsession - Chocolate, Chocolate Peanut Butter Large Bags

2. Chocolate with a hint of Mint - Chocolate, Chocolate Mint Large Bags

3. Milkshake Lover - Cookies n Cream, Mocha Large Bags

4. Neapolitan Ice Cream - Strawberry, Vanilla, Chocolate Large Bags 


New Launches

Mr. Tortilla Low Carb Wraps 

Mr. Tortilla Low Carb Tortillas

Why you’ll love it - It looks like a real tortilla. It tastes like a real tortilla. It’s also low carb ringing in at 1g net carb per tortilla. 

The founders Anthony and Ronald already had a tortilla company and they spent YEARS developing a low-carb tortilla - they wanted to make an affordable tortilla, without sacrificing flavour. 

And so they have created the world’s first 1g net carb tortilla! They also made this tortilla vegan and kosher.

It comes in 3 flavours: Multigrain, Pico De Gallo, Spicy 3 Chiles 

Who should try this - You LOVE taco tuesday and have been on the hunt for a keto friendly and low carb tortilla. 

Note: If you are grain & gluten free or are sensitive to vegetable oils, these are not for you. The founders worked to balance affordability, nutrition and taste in developing their recipe.  


Explorer Cold Brew Coffee

Explorer Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate on SwitchGrocery Canada

Switch has coffee! Introducing the first ever high quality cold brew concentrate 

Why you’ll love it - Our first ever high quality coffee, cold brew concentrate that we are launching. We chose this company for 2 reasons: 

1) THIS IS MORE THAN A COLD BREW! You can make a hot americano at home, a latte, add to Keto Chow, add to baking! You do NOT need an espresso machine or a coffee machine! 

2) The first company to do 4 different caffeine levels are decaf, low caf, regular and extra. 

“the best cold brew money can buy” 
"a great gift for any cold brew lover" 


We also have a flavour syrup - Sea Salt Caramel. This is 7g of sugar per serving which is significantly less compared to other syrups on the market.


No Yolking Egg White Protein by Muskoka Mornings 


Why you’ll love it - If you have been on the hunt for a quality egg white protein, look no further. 

  • This bag has ONE ingredient - egg whites. 
  • All eggs are sourced within Canada. Canada has the highest standards in the world for caring and feeding of hens. 
  • Process - these eggs go through a fermentation process to ensure you are getting all the nutrients and 100% pure egg white protein.
  • 1 TB = 17g protein (amazing!)
  • Shelf Stable and Code 2 fully recyclable bag! 
  • Proud Canadian company!

Who should try this - If you are looking to add more protein to your plate, this is a fantastic versatile option. This is keto, vegetarian, paleo friendly.

If you have heard of Maria Emmerich 2 ingredient bread and you are looking for Protein Sparing Modified Fast (PSMF) recipes, we got your back. Our friend, Janet Greta runs a YouTube channel with PSMF recipes and she made a Key Lime Pie using egg white protein and Keto Chow key lime! Head on to our blog here.

Janet Greta YouTube making Key Lime Pie using a PSMF Crust


Keto Chow Secret Flavour!

If you love Keto Chow and have watched their lives, you know something is coming!  Get it on it's own or as part of our Keto Chow Holiday Bundle

Give Me Snacks

"Can you launch more snacks"

YES WE CAN. YES WE DID! We have new snacks for everyone! 

I Heart Fat Fudge

 I Heart Fat Fudge Keto Snack on SwitchGrocery

Why you’ll love it - You had us at FUDGE!  You’ll love I Heart Fat Fudge because it's a snack that ACTUALLY keeps you full. These are Fat Bombs with clean and natural ingredients 

They come in two flavours, 3 square pieces per pack!

  • It’s Fudgin’ Nuts -  If you are a PB lover, you will love this 
  • Almond Famous - If you are an almond lover, you will love this!

Or get both and then pick your favourite!

Who should try this - If you love dark chocolate and the fudge creamy texture, you will love I Heart Fat Fudge. 

If you are sensitive to specific ingredients, this is an awesome option for you as this has no sugar added, no sugar alcohols, no soy or sunflower lecithin, and no palm oil and vegetables oils.

For a creamier texture, let it sit at room temperature for up to 45 minutes.

Whisps Cheese Crisps

Whisps Cheese Crisps on SwitchGrocery

Whisps cheese crisps are perfect for our low carb, gluten free and vegetarian friends! The cheese is sourced from 4 local farms in Wisconsin, USA and are baked into a flavourful, crunchy crisp.

Siete Grain Free Tortilla Chips

Siete Tortilla Chips on SwitchGrocery

Introducing Siete! Siete Chips fit the bill for the ultimate healthy chip! These chips are grain free, gluten free, dairy free, non GMO, soy free and vegan.

Siete Foods is a Mexican American 🇺🇸 led company with incredible values!

Yofiit Bars & Granola

YoFiit Chocolate Almond Bars on SwitchGrocery

Introducing YoFiit bars and granola - grain free, gluten free, low carb snacks BUT that are also functional, with adaptogens and Omega-3 fats AND delicious!

No sugar alcohols and we don't know ANY other bar that has a vegan DHA Omega 3 Oil!

What are you waiting for?

Finally, put us on your Wish List

On my personal list this year, I asked for experiences, coffee, and low carb / sugar free foods. It would mean SO much to us if you put us on your Wish List and let your family and friends know.