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Lee's Provisions good fat vanilla bean switchgrocery
  • Lee's Provisions good fat vanilla bean switchgrocery
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  • Lee's Provisions good fat vanilla bean
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Lee’s Good Fat Blend - Vanilla Bean - is currently on backorder. You may still purchase now though and we'll ship as soon as more become available.



You’ve fallen in love with all things Lee’s Ghee. You were already a coconut oil aficionado. And now, your two faves have come together in these delicious blends! This is going to bring your coffee making, low-carb baking, and tasty cooking to a WHOLE new level!

Vanilla beans are the purest form of vanilla and impart that notorious, true vanilla taste. Warning, it smells delicious too!

  • Blend a spoonful into your morning coffee, tea, matcha, or smoothie
  • Drizzle on your fave low carb pancakes, desserts or treat!
  • Great for baking!
  • Enjoy a spoonful on its own
  • 0 carbs per tablespoon!
  • Made from a blend of organic ghee, organic virgin coconut oil and vanilla
  • A really awesome almost dairy fairy (99% lactose free) coffee "creamer"
  • Taste: You can SMELL the Vanilla Bean in this one! It's wonderful blended in coffee and elixirs! 

Size: 425 g

How to store: Please store in a cool, dark place (very important!). If it’s near heat, it may melt and the ghee and coconut oil can separate. In case that happens, mix well and store back into a cool, dark place!

Ingredients: organic ghee, organic virgin coconut oil and vanilla (and this is CERTIFIED organic, which really comes through on the taste!)


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  • Lee's Ghee is made from certified organic Canadian butter. The organic standards are very high in Canada which guarantees there are no pesticides, hormones, or antibiotics present in the butter and that the cows have not been fed genetically-modified feed. 
  • Locally sourced from Canadian farms!
  • It's pricey. The reasons behind the price are that this ghee is organic, Ghee sourced from organic certified farms is comparatively more expensive. Lee's Provisions uses glass jars, and the process to make this ghee is long! You'll see a difference in the taste and a little goes a long way!
  • Why did SwitchGrocery choose this brand? What about US ghee brands? At SwitchGrocery, we pride ourselves on finding really innovative suppliers and SOLID products for you. There are major tariffs on ghee and dairy products imported to Canada which would make it too expensive for our community. And more than that, we TRIED all of the ghees! The taste profile of Lee's Ghee is really out of this world. Try them! They have SOLID products! 
  • We've learned that there is no certification for grass fed ghee (there is for organic) i.e., it is difficult to verify accuracy of grass fed claims on packaging. How crazy is that! In Canada, the weather does not permit grass fed all year round but according to organic standards, organic dairy cows must be on pasture whenever possible (summer and fall) but their feed can be supplemented with organic hay and grains.

If you have any more questions, please read Lee's Provisions FAQ's


Customer Reviews

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OMG! Yummm

Another amazing product sold by switch grocery! I am SO excited about this, I added some to my coffee this afternoon, and it gave that creaminess and hint of vanilla that I love to add into my coffee. The lee ghees fat blend vanilla bean is truly versatile, and I’m excited to bake with it and add it onto my pancakes. I defiantly recommend this, and any lees ghees product!