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  • Shop Lee's Brown Butter Ghee at SwitchGrocery
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  • Shop Lee's Brown Butter Ghee at SwitchGrocery
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  • Shop Lee's Brown Butter Ghee at SwitchGrocery
  • Put Lee's Brown Butter Ghee in your drinks
Lee’s Ghee - Brown Butter Ghee 210g - is currently on backorder. You may still purchase now though and we'll ship as soon as more become available.

You asked and we found it! For all of our bulletproof coffee, rocketfuel latte and bulletproof matcha needs, this amazing ORGANIC BROWN BUTTER GHEE will do it for you!

How and when to use Lee's Ghee - Brown Butter

  • blend in your coffee or matcha 
  • cook veggies in it 
  • jazz up your meats and seafood 
  • bake awesome keto and paleo friendly treats with brown butter ghee! When substituting ghee for butter for baking, please use half the amount the recipe calls for.
  • enjoy a spoonful on its own!

If you are looking for a regular ghee for all of your needs, check out Lee's Ghee: Plain Jane All Purpose Ghee

How to store ghee

  • recommend you refrigerate your ghee after opening!
  • it's fine to keep out of the fridge as long as you go through it quickly
  • shelf life is 2 years, unopened! once opened, it will last up to a year, refrigerated. 

Ingredients: organic clarified brown butter

Taste profile: nutty and delicious, will remind you of hazelnut, caramel and toffee!

Size: 210 g 

Why is this different from ghee:

  •  clarify the butter for longer which burns the butter
  • recipe is based on French style of clarified butter, called "Beurre Noisette" translates to hazelnut butter

Paleo. Keto. Certified Organic. Nut free. Made in Canada. 

Lactose free alternative to butter (99% of milk solids have been removed during clarification process which makes Lee's ghee virtually lactose-free)



  • Lee's Ghee is made from certified organic Canadian butter. The organic standards are very high in Canada which guarantees there are no pesticides, hormones, or antibiotics present in the butter and that the cows have not been fed genetically-modified feed. 
  • Locally sourced from Canadian farms!
  • It's pricey. The reasons behind the price are that this ghee is organic, Ghee sourced from organic certified farms is comparatively more expensive. Lee's Provisions uses glass jars, and the process to make this ghee is long! You'll see a difference in the taste and a little goes a long way!
  • Why did SwitchGrocery choose this brand? What about US ghee brands? At SwitchGrocery, we pride ourselves on finding really innovative suppliers and SOLID products for you. There are major tariffs on ghee and dairy products imported to Canada which would make it too expensive for our community. And more than that, we TRIED all of the ghees! The taste profile of Lee's Ghee is really out of this world. Try them! They have SOLID products! 
  • We've learned that there is no certification for grass fed ghee (there is for organic) i.e., it is difficult to verify accuracy of grass fed claims on packaging. How crazy is that! In Canada, the weather does not permit grass fed all year round but according to organic standards, organic dairy cows must be on pasture whenever possible (summer and fall) but their feed can be supplemented with organic hay and grains.

If you have any more questions, please read Lee's Provisions FAQ's


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Probably the best ghee I’ve ever had! I’ve tried ghee before, and wasn’t sold on the taste, but this was hands down the BEST!! I loved it so much that I ordered another jar before my first one was even finished...run don’t walk to order a jar.


I absolutely love the brown butter ghee. I use it in my coffee once a day. The texture is perfect and you can’t beat that amazing smell! I have yet to try it on anything else but so far I love it and recommend it to everyone!


Adds so much flavor to a bulletproof coffee


This stuff is soo good! I add it to my matcha and it tastes heavenly!

Lee’s Brown Ghee... WoW

Oh I’ve used Ghee to cook with, in my coffee, as a spread, but Lee’s Brown Ghee takes it to another level. I will not use this Ghee as a cooking butter as it is far to precious! I am only using it for my coffee and as a spread. Oh my the taste is beyond words. Lee’s Ghee is an experience! It is worth every penny. so delicious and has a surprising nutty flavour. I am ordering more and will order the Plain Jane as well after seeing rave reviews. I am so over the moon that you have brought us, yet again, an other stellar product. Thank you for being so dedicated and passionate. PS. I may have licked the spoon clean... swoons!!