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Iced Keto and Paleo friendly Nuez Nutmilk in the summer on SwitchGrocery Canada
  • Iced Keto and Paleo friendly Nuez Nutmilk in the summer on SwitchGrocery Canada
  • Nuez Pure Almond Flash Frozen Made in Vancouver Nutmilk - front of package - on SwitchGrocery Canada
  • Nuez smoothies with REAL nutmilk Pure Milk on SwitchGrocery Canada
  • A Jar of Pure Nuez Nutmilk on SwitchGrocery Canada
  • Nuez Pure Almond Flash Frozen Made in Vancouver Nutmilk - back of package and puck photo - on SwitchGrocery Canada
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Nuez Organic Nutmilk - Pure Almond (unsweetened) - is currently on backorder. You may still purchase now though and we'll ship as soon as more become available.


Nuez FLASH FROZEN nutmilks, THE ONLY ONE OF THEIR KIND in CANADA, are back in stock for a limited time! 

Please order a MINIMUM of 2 nutmilks (any combination of Pure, Date and Super Cacao!) Also, see our discount below for a bundle of 8!

Order 8 Nuez nutmilks (any combination of Pure, Date and Super Cacao!) and get a discount of 10%. NO CODE NECESSARY! 8 nutmilks and you get 10% or $15.99 off PER BUNDLE!


Flash frozen Nuez Pure Almond Nutmilk:

  • Nuez Nutmilks are flash-frozen immediately after pressing to preserve freshness and provide you with a long shelf life! 6 months in your freezer! 
  • Inside each pack is 3 Nuez Frozen Pucks (3 x 250ml), and now makes a total of 1.5L of delicious fresh Nuez Nutmilk.
  • Traditional boxed nutmilks contain approximately 2% of actual nuts. Nuez boasts 30%!
  • Ways to enjoy: This is the ORIGINAL pure blend (unsweetened) and you can do anything and everything with it! lattes, smoothies, cereal, iced coffee and all of the above!
  • A blend of almond and cashew nuts, creamed into a delicious smooth nourishing drink. This is what almond milk should taste like—simple and pure. The Pure Almond nutmilk is unsweetened.
  • New: biodegradable retail packaging! Think MORE NUTS, LESS PACKAGING! 

How to make/Storage: 

  • Add 1 frozen puck of Nuez + 1 cup of hot water to a mason jar.
  • Shake until mixed. Feel free to also blend in your Vitamix, but this amazing new version doesn't need you to do so! 
  • Flash frozen for longer shelf life - Nuez frozen pucks stays fresh in your freezer or up to 6 months! Once you blend into nutmilk, Nuez nutmilks remain fresh for 3-4 days in your fridge!



  • Organic Almonds
  • Organic Cashews
  • Filtered Alkaline Water
  • Sea Salt


  • Nuez is a frozen product.
  • See FAQ's around shipping of frozen products!  
  • GTA Customer Friends - All packaging and ice packs are on us, but please make arrangements to track the shipment (we'll send you an email with proposed delivery times so you are home to accept the shipment). If you are in B.C., please purchase Nuez nutmilk locally!
  • Note that it is normal to have Nuez thaw a little bit during the shipping process.


About Nuez:

One of the most ingenious products in Canada, even though I say so myself! Because nutmilks are super perishable with ultra delicate good fats, the Nuez team developed a flash frozen nutmilk - freezing ensures that when you can make your nutmilks at home, it is going to be fresh! Freezing also keeps prices low, compared to other fresh nutmilk providers, because the Nuez team wastes ZERO product to spoilage! It's also more convenient for our Customer Friends because you can have REAL nutmilk on hand at all times in your freezer! Visit the Nuez nutmilk site for more info!

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Choc Milk heaven

Man this milk is soooo delicious. I just mixed it up with a cup of water and then to my milk added some perfectketo choc keto collagen = chocolate milk heaven. I’m a new fan.

Love this product!

Best nut milk. Ever.

amazing service and communication

Neha was amazing to deal with as I had some questions and my product - AMAZING!!! I loved everything I received and it was all cold and fresh! thank you! LOVED the almond milk - better than anything I've tried!

Never going back to store bought nut milk

You can taste the nuts and the creaminess is out of this world. Mixed it with bananas and kale for an out of this world smoothie.

Tina, thank you so much for your review love! I'm so happy you tasted the creaminess - I love me some Nuez too!
Exceeded Expectations

I didn't realize how flavorless store bought almond milk was until I tried this product. Nuez is so rich and smooth, you can really taste the quality! I like to add this to my coffee in the morning, and to smoothies.

Thank you K.B. for your review! It's hard to go back to store bought milk after Nuez :) We love that you love it!