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Philosophie berry bliss coconut butter superfood
  • Philosophie berry bliss coconut butter superfood
  • Philosophie coconut bliss berry bliss coconut butter
  • Coconut Bliss coconut butter berry bliss philosophie
Philosophie Coconut Butter - Berry Bliss - is currently on backorder. You may still purchase now though and we'll ship as soon as more become available.


New in Canada

Made from only the finest ingredients and coconut meat, Philosophie’s six-ounce Berry Bliss Coconut Butter is an amazing addition to any diet. These divine coconut butters are full of nutrients like magnesium, potassium, vitamin C, iron, and lauric acid, and are packed with fiber and healthy fats. Pop a spoonful of butter in your mouth if you want something sweet or need a quick energy boost—it’s the perfect snack! You can also use it in pretty much any situation where you might use dairy-based butter, like cookies and other treats. It’s kind of like heaven…in a jar.

Size: 6oz or 170gms


  • Berry Bliss
    • organic pomegranate
    • organic acai
    • organic goji
    • organic camu-camu
    • organic mangosteen
    • organic maca
    • organic brown rice protein
  • organic coconut butter
  • organic raw unfiltered honey
  • organic vanilla bean powder 

     ♥ Get creative with your superfood-charged Berry Bliss Coconut Butter! ♥

    -Spread it on toast for a creamy superfood boost! 

    -Blend it up with coconut milk and fruit or spices and freeze to create a decadent dairy-free ice cream!

    -Mix it into oatmeal to add a lightly nutty richness!

    -Add it to a smoothie for a dose appetite-curbing healthy fats!

    -Drizzle it on a baked sweet potato or roasted vegetables like carrots or squash!

    -Use it in place of butter in vegan or paleo sweet treats like our Cacao Magic Superfood Bark.

    -Add a spoonful to a stir fry, curry, or soup to impart a subtly sweet coconut flavor!

    No refrigeration necessary. Coconut butter consistency varies depending on the temperature at which it is stored. To soften coconut butter that has hardened in cooler temperatures, simply place the jar in a container of warm water for several minutes or microwave on low for for a few seconds at a time to achieve a smooth, creamy consistency. 

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