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Philosophie Green Dream Superfood Protein
  • Philosophie Green Dream Superfood Protein
  • Philosophie Green Dream Superfood Protein
  • Philosophie Green Dream Superfood Protein
  • Philosophie Green Dream Superfood Protein
Philosophie Green Dream Superfood Protein - is currently on backorder. You may still purchase now though and we'll ship as soon as more become available.


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Green Dream was one of Sophie Jaffe’s first creations!

Taking your regular protein powder to the next level with superfoods, Philosophie protein has no added sugar or fillers! And Keto and Paleo friendly and low net carbs - one of our launch brands and best sellers! 



Green Dream 

- star ingredient, spirulina, is an antioxidant-rich, blue-green algae that is packed with nutrients including iron, magnesium, manganese, zinc, copper, selenium, chromium, vitamin B-12, and protein.

- Gets you 60% of your daily iron 

-  Super versatile! ADS to your daily matcha, baked goods (doesn’t change the taste), smoothies, pesto sauce (yep!), yogurt - it’s endless! 

- packs more protein than an egg, more iron than a serving of beef, less sugar than a stick of gum, and more fiber than bran cereal!


  • organic spirulina
  • organic maca
  • organic mesquite
  • organic hemp powder
  • organic chia seeds
  • organic vanilla

4 oz = 8 servings per bag

8 oz = 16 servings per bag

16 oz = 32 servings per bag


♥ Get creative with your Green Dream! ♥

-Mix with garlic and tahini for a delicious veggie dip and sandwich spread, like this Paleo-Friendly Beet Hummus.

-Add to vegetable soups and curries.

-Add to your morning or post-workout smoothie, like this Shamrock Shake.

-Add to eggs for an energizing, nutrient-dense breakfast.

-Add to any batter for pancakes, waffles, cookies, or other baked goods.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews


Another Philosophie Win!

I haven't used this one quite as much as the Cacao Magic, but it tastes great too! Delicious blended into matcha lattes to give a boost to your day!

CK, thank you so much for the review! Another way to use Green Dream is to add it to baked products (waffles, etc) - no change in flavour or texture. We also add it to bone broth, but not while cooking, after! In my matcha is my favourite way though :)
Amazing products! Fast delivery! And even more amazing customer service!

I've been looking for a Canadian-based company that carried Philosophie and Four Sigmatic products for a while and not only did I find one, but I found one that carried other amazing products that I didn't even know about! Neha and her team are amazing! Not to mention she has the best Instagram stories ; )

Mary-Ann, Thank you! We love Philosophie and Four Sigmatic too and will keep bringing you more awesome IG stories =)
Love it!

Delicious! Definitely not chalky tasting like a few other protein powders that I've tried. Also really versatile, not just for smoothies!

Lisa, Thank you so much! We call Philosophie Green Dream the undercover fan favourite :) My favourite is the pesto recipe :)
Green Dream

This protein is fantastic! It's potent, pure, and doesn't have any added sweetners. It has just enough protein to sustain your body for hours and has an incredible amount of iron as well. I will definitely be ordering more of this product!

Thanks Michelle - the iron is so key! I add Green Dream to everything - salad dressings, chia puddings, pesto sauce, baked goods! Thank you for your review!