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Spresh Strawberry Fruit Spread - is currently on backorder. You may still purchase now though and we'll ship as soon as more become available.


...and Spresh is tax exempt yay!

Finally, your low carb and sugar-free jam-like prayers have been answered! But this is so much more than just a jam - think more of a thick, strawberry, buttery spread, totally after your low carb lovin’ heart!

  • Sweetened with monk fruit!
  • For best taste, shake before opening and keep in the refrigerator
  • Best before six months unopened, three weeks once opened and refrigerated

Tips to use:

Note on storage: The spread is good for approximately 6 months, unopened. Once opened, please consume within 3 weeks! The founder, Nikki, is working on increasing that time, but for now, we are thinking you'll love it so much that it will be gone in the 3 weeks. You can also stock up on jars, and open one at a time!


Ingredients: strawberries, butter, monk fruit juice, citrus pectin, acacia gum, citric acid, calcium chloride

Allergy Information: Manufactured in a facility that also processes milk, egg, wheat, peanuts, almond, cashew, walnut, pecan, and coconut.


Nikki, the founder of Spresh, is a lawyer by day and foodie by night. The idea for Spresh was born from a craving for PB & J ice cream, which then led her to realize that sugar-free spreads are exactly what’s missing in our low carb scene - and Spresh was born! Don’t you love how that brilliant lawyer mind works? We have a feeling that big things are going to come off the Spresh kitchen!

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Glad to have jam back in my life!

I LOVE the strawberry spresh. It works great on toast with peanut butter and is an excellent jam replacement but with clean ingredients. I will definitely be ordering more!

We are so happy to hear that you loved Spresh! We love hearing from our awesome customer friends and really appreciate your feedback!

I can finally eat PB & J without the guilt. So yummy, so authentic, no horrible aftertaste. And a little goes a long way. Would obviously love if it was a little bit cheaper, but I guess you get what you pay for. Would definitely buy again and again.

Hi A A! Thanks so much for your review! We love hearing from our awesome customer friends and are so happy you loved Spresh Strawberry! PB&J was the very first thing we had when we first tried Spresh too!!

Very fresh and fruity. A great pair with the FATSO peanut butter and with cottage cheese or Greek yogurt.

Thank you so much for being one of our amazing customer friends! Spresh + Fatso = delicious! That was the very first thing I did when we first got Spresh! I didn't realize how much I missed PB&J!
Buttery fruity delicious!

I hid this in my fridge so no one would get to it and eat too much of it! I love it on 90sec break and on my coco polo and tastes great off my finger too! I can't wait for more flavours!

Hi L C! Thank you so much for your review! Spresh is amazing on anything! I love it with peanut butter on chocolate!
So yummy

Such a fruity flavour ,,,
I have mine with plain Greek yogurt and a scoop of spresh.

We are so happy to hear you loved Spresh, and wow that sounds delicious! Thank you so much for your review and being an awesome customer friend!!!