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SwitchGrocery Canada Tocos Tonics
  • SwitchGrocery Canada Tocos Tonics
  • SwitchGrocery Canada Tocos Tonics
  • SwitchGrocery Canada Tocos Tonics
The Gut Lab - toco tonics - is currently on backorder. You may still purchase now though and we'll ship as soon as more become available.

It's hard to pick a favourite, but out of all of The Gut Lab family of products, we're STOKED to bring you Tocos!

Tocos? What is a “tocos”? 

  • Tocos, short for tocotrienols, is a fat-soluble relative of the Vitamin E family.
  • Vitamin E = antioxidant goodness!
  • Tocos is another word for brown rice-bran solubles, which is the fat- and water-soluble portions (minus the carbohydrates and fiber parts) of the hard shell that surrounds a grain of rice.
  • AND GUESS what? You've been asking for a dairy free creamer and TOCOS is it! 

Ingredients - tocotrienols (rice bran solubles) [non gmo]

How to use 

  • Add to coffee or tea
  • blend in elixirs
  • blend in smoothies
  • eat 1 tablespoon for a melt in your mouth ice cream feeling!

Taste profile: rich and delicious! melt in your mouth! kinda like ice cream! Makes drinks super creamy! Dairy-free creamer anyone?

What is this for?
  • as a Vitamin E relative, tocos has the potential to help lower cholesterol
  • promote cardiovascular wellness and healthy muscle function
  • act as anti-inflammatory
  • help promote optimal eye health
  • Vitamin E has been studied to be exceptional for connective tissue and skin!
  • Tocos is a natural product and the Vitamin E comes straight from the rice, unlike most Vitamin E supplements (which are most often synthesized from Soy Beans.)

Behind The Gut Lab is an INCREDIBLE Canadian founder team of two sisters, Danica and Lexi! They believe in supercharged wellness for the people, the planet and their core belief is that a better world for all begins from within! 

To learn more about their company and the founders and to love your gutsTMread this awesome blog post

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Tocos took my fatty coffee to creamy heaven

I added Tocos to my coffee that I already loved with Lee’s Provisions Ghee, but when I added Tocos I’d took it to the next level of creaminess without adding anything any macros. How awesome is that?

I love Tocos in coffee! Its an amazing dairy free creamer option, combined with the amazing benefits of Tocos!
great addition to coffee

my favorite way to use this in added to coffee. adds some extra creaminess. it is also great to add to baking!