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Keto Chow Pricing Increase in Canada

Keto Chow Pricing Increase in Canada

Keto Chow prices are going up due to: 

  • The milk protein isolate used in Keto Chow increased in price by 20% (this ingredient is going up in price across the industry) 
  • Keto Chow switched from using regular salt to Redmond Real Salt (this has a very small impact on pricing, under 10 cents per large bag)

So: what does this mean for the price of Keto Chow in Canada?

The prices of Keto Chow meal replacement shakes will be increasing, but not by the 20% that the price of protein increased by.  

The prices of the large bags will be increasing by $10, which represents a 9% increase for chocolate, chocolate peanut butter and chocolate mint, and a 10% increase for the remaining flavours. 

The prices of the sample sizes will be increasing by $1 to $6.99.  This brings the price in line with the CAD price on the Keto Chow website. 

 We have also added a volume discount for the 21 serving Keto Chow bags.Add 4 21 serving bags of Keto Chow to your cart and use the discount code ketochow4bags for 5% off. 

Cost per serving

Chocolate Peanut Butter, Chocolate, Chocolate Mint = under $5.71 for a meal if you buy the 21 serving bag (for comparison, this is up from $5.23 per meal)

Vanilla, Strawberry, Salted Caramel, Cookies n Cream, Banana  = approx $5.23 for a meal if you buy the 21 serving bag (for comparison, this is up from $4.76) 

Excludes the cost of the fat. Melted butter is the most economical option. 

When? Tuesday, May 5, 2020

I want to reassure you that the Keto Chow team (the founder is a husband and father with 6 kids!) is really committed to their customers from the beginning in providing an easy nutritious option especially during these times.

- They are not increasing the price by the full amount/margin that their cost is going up by

- Electrolytes, Fasting and Magnesium drops - no change in pricing and there's a lot of servings for that price

- You can find the recipe if you want to make the meal replacement yourself on their website - Chris has actually made the recipe open source! 

- The Base Powder is also an option if you are looking to purchase the protein and minerals and vitamins, and add your own flavour and fat.

- Why Keto Chow over a regular protein shake? "1/3 of your daily caloric and NUTRITIONAL needs." Emphasize - designed to be your complete meal.

I know that Keto Chow is a staple for many of our Canadian Customer Friends, especially during COVID 19 and I'm so I’m truly sorry about the timing. 

You can read more about Keto Chow's price increase in their own words here.

Check out Keto Chow's collection to shop here.

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