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Marni Wasserman's 7-Day Grain-Free Challenge

“There is a learning curve when it comes to trying something new and you have to just do the best you can with the resources that you have. Life throws us curve balls and doesn’t always allow for challenges or transformations to happen all at once – that is unrealistic. I used 7 days as a baseline and way to get started, not as a beginning and an end.”

Marni Wasserman is a Certified Nutritional Practitioner, Chef, co-host of the now the Ultimate Baby Podcast. I started listening to the Ultimate Health Podcast hosted by Jesse Chappus and Marni and was blown away by how much they prepared, the solid interviews and how much info was packed into their 1 hour podcasts. 

If you are thinking of going grain-free/gluten-free, or are following this lifestyle already, or reducing intake of grains for health reasons, I really liked this blog post Marni put together, where she takes us through 7 days of easy, doable steps to help remove grains from our diet. She provides a bunch of tips, tricks, subs, and alternatives for grain-free and gluten-free cooking and baking!

Marni’s Top Tips

We really recommend that you read through the full original post which is packed with information and resources on why and how a grain-free diet might be an awesome thing to try. 

But until then, we got you covered with our top 3 grain-free takeaways! 

1. Shop, Prep, and THEN refrigerate! 

I cannot stress how much this has helped me personally! Before you store your foods in the fridge, especially veggies, have them washed, prepped, and ready to go. Your future “just got home from work and soooo tired” self will THANK YOU. 

2. You Can Be Grain-Free and Eat Sandwiches Too!

This is my favourite because it really shows how special Marni’s approach is. It’s realistic and POSITIVE -- she’s not focused on restrictions and what you can’t have, instead how to work around it and sub it!

Marni shows how many awesome bread alternative recipes and products are out there for you (everything from grain-free pancakes, gluten-free pizza, gluten-free crepes, gluten-free blueberry muffins, gluten-free brownie recipes!!) to rekindle your romance with some of the best grain-free comfort foods.

  • Legit Paleo Bread Mix is one of our best grain-free and gluten-free flour (it's also nut-free)!
  • Our Live Organic Food Wraps are another excellent lunch choice for grain-free tortillas, tacos, wraps, and anything else you can think of! They’re also low carb so it’s perfect if you're following a keto or sugar-free lifestyle!

3. Snack Attack!

Marni covers how to handle those 3 PM snack attacks: (1) plan ahead and (2) have some easy-to-grab goodies!

If you are looking for a grain free and low carb recipe, we have a super yummy gluten-free and low carb banana bread recipe on our site!

Legit is Legit All You Need! 

In her challenge, Marni features one of our favourite grain-free, gluten-free, AND nut-free bread mixes: Legit Bread Paleo Mixes!

  • Comes in Original or Blonde Bread Mix, Bagel, Pancake Mix, AND Bagel Mix!  
  • If you are following the AIP diet / protocol, we have a NEW bagel mix AND a NEW cookie mix in collaboration with blogger Grazed & Enthused for you! 


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More about Marni Wasserman

Ultimate Health Podcast features a TON of interviews on many health topics - well researched and a lot of info packed with Dr. Jesse Chapus.

Ultimate Baby Podcast - Marni is here to share her experiences and what she is learning along the way as a mom committed to health and wellness.

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