We are Moving Warehouse Sale July 2022 - 2

Moving Sale on SwitchGrocery

Hi Customer Friends! 

We are moving which means we will not be shipping orders until July 20th. Yes - this means you need to wait for your order, but we are also going to do a sitewide discount of 10%. Enter warehousecount at checkout for 10% off

We also have ongoing sales and you can check them all out below!

1. Whatever you are craving - coffee, creamers, snacks, sugar free baking mixes, this blog post will give you everything you need to maximize savings and stock up or try something new!

2. Click the link below to find everything on sale conveniently in one spot. 





YoFiit Bars and Granola - Choco Vanilla Fermented Bar, Ginger Nutmeg Fermented Bar, Chocolate Granola, Vanilla Nutmeg Granola

Whisps - Asiago Pepper, Tomato Basil

Pili Hunters Pili Nuts - Rosemary & Olive Oil 

Siete - Taco Shells, Chips - 4 kinds!

Snacker Yogi Puffed Lotus Seeds - Cheddar, Indian Spice

Munch Nut ButtersVanilla Latte, Trio (Cashew, Almonds Pecans), Tropical 


Baking Mixes - Sweet & Savoury

Good Dee's Baking Mixes - Cornbread, Peanut Butter Cookie, Sugar Cookie, Pancakes & Scones, Multi Purpose Bread, Butter Pecan, Sugar Free Frosting

Mr. Tortilla Cookies - 1 Net Carb Cookie Chocolate Chip Cookie

Bake In A Minute Bread Mixes - 90 second Mug Bread


Nutmilks & Coffee Creamers

JOI Nut MilkOat Milk Powder, Cashew Nutmilk - 8lb pail 

Omega Power CreamerCinnamon Roll Ghee & MCT Creamer

Philosophie Superfood Creamer - Pumpkin Pie Coconut Creamer 

Buzzed Superfood CreamersTurmeric MCT Coconut Creamer


Cold Brew Coffee

Explorer Cold Brew sample pack 

Explorer Bottles - Decaf, Low Caf, Medium Caf and High Caf



Sweeteners & Flavours 

Sweet Monk Monkfruit Sweetener - Original and French Vanilla

Explorer Coffee - Madagascar Vanilla & Sea Salt Caramel Syrups


*place in fridge on arrival sensitive to heat


CocoPolo Chocolate ChipsMilk, Dark

Evolved Chocolate Bars - Hazelnut Butter, Mylk Chocolate, Keto Nut Butter, Midnight Coconut 



Pineapple Collaborative - Olive Oil 

Origin Vanilla - Vanilla Salt 



The Gut Lab SuperfoodsAshwagandha 


Why are we doing this? 

We are moving warehouses. This means we need to count all of our inventory, pack it, and then move it, unpack it and it gets inbounded into a brand new system. We will migrate to a new system where our picking and packing will become a lot easier and less prone to errors!

You can always check out our sale section as a great place to start!



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