Neha Charnalia, SwitchGrocery, TOP 100 semi-finalist in Canada's Total Mom Pitch Show

Neha is a TOP 100 semi-finalist in Canada's Total Mom Pitch

This recognition is game changing for our company! An alternative grocery store carrying curated food products that are delicious, low carb, vegan, grain free JUST MADE IT INTO THE TOP 100 companies in Canada run by moms!  We are part of this epic list at Total Mom Show.

This is ALL thanks to our customer friends and our supporter friends. It is your reviews, your comments, your orders that have brought us here.

I also want to thank GoDaddy Canada and ScotiaBank Women Initiative and the incredible partners who have supported this pitch.

The application was very different from others because it asked us questions about the challenges of parenting during a pandemic and running a business.


SwitchGrocery is a TOP 100 semi-finalist in Canada's Total Mom Pitch. What's Next?


The top 5 will be announced on May 10th.


1. Vote for Us

 Voting has been extended to May 10th!

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2. YouTube, Twitter & LinkedIn Support

To make it to the top 5, we had to record a 2 minute pitch! I went all out - shooting scenes at a grocery store! I would love your support - I think likes and comments on the video would be so helpful!


I'll post the video to our Linkedin page and tag all the judges too! 

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Script for our video 

1: Quantifying the total market in Canada

11 million Canadians have some form of diabetes.

3.2 million Canadians follow a plant based/vegetarian or vegan lifestyle

1.2 million Canadians follow a low carb diet.

These numbers are staggering and they are only expected to increase.

 2: Identifying the problem

As a pre-diabetic myself, as I walk through the grocery store aisles, I’m lost and wondering – is this the food I should be eating?

3: What is SwitchGrocery?

Hi Judges. I’m Neha Charnalia and I started SwitchGrocery to solve this problem.

We find innovative foods that fit your lifestyle, whether that is vegan, low carb, gluten free, sugar free or any combination. and we sell them through our online store at We deliver to every Canadian’s home at their front door.

4: What makes us different from any other online grocery store?

#1. We only carry foods that our team eats at home

Have you ever wondered if the person choosing a product to carry in a store would eat it themselves? Feed their family with it?

Well, every food we sell, you can find it in our pantry.

#2: We only carry 1 – 2 brands per category which helps our customers shop more easily.

Customers are overwhelmed with choices at the grocery store and we found that they wanted less, not more, which is why we have over 3,000 reviews - 86% of which are 5 star.

#3: We are a highly social company and we show up every day to serve our customers, even on TikTok

Our team of 8 employees and contractors are from all walks of life – vegan, diabetic, keto, low carb and we understand that each of our customers is on an individual health journey. We share recipes, tips, tricks on social media and we even do a weekly tasting show! You’re invited!

6: Why should you invest in us?

I’m so proud to share with you that we did an angel round investment in 2021 with Clearco.

Michele Romanow and Andrew d'Souza of Clearco congratulating Neha Charanalia of SwitchGrocery on our raise

We have been featured by Clearco as part of their 2021 International Women’s Day Campaign and we have been featured by Soia and Kyo, an incredible fashion brand as part of the Female Business Empowerment Campaign.


But most of all, I ask that you invest in us for our customers, who have given us 193 x 5 star Google Reviews, sent us countless of supportive emails.

Judges, we are changing the food industry one order at a time and I would love your support to introduce SwitchGrocery to more Canadians. Thank you!


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