Christmas In Canada Sale on SwitchGrocery Canada

Christmas in Canada Sale July 25 - August 15

We're doing a sale!

Canadian brands
  • Abokichi - Condiment
  • Bake In A Minute Bread Mix
  • Beekeeper's Naturals - honey and pharma
  • Buster Rhinos Sauces
  • Eve's Crackers
  • Fatso PB, including the new maple PB
  • Jaswant's Kitchen Indian Spice Blends
  • Lee's Provisions Ghee including Brown Butter Ghee
  • Live Organic Wraps
  • Munch Nut Butters
  • Snacker Yogi Lotus Seeds
  • Sun Under the Sea collagen creamer
  • Sweet Monk sweetener with the new French Vanilla flavour
  • Gut Lab mushrooms
  • Vancouver Island Sea Salt
    US products
    • Blank Slate Kitchen - Chinese condiment
    • Core & Rind - cashew based sauces
    • Pili Hunters - best before sale - traditional fried and regular!
    • Good Dee's - best before sale - Butter Pecan, Carrot Muffin, Pancake & Scones, Snickerdoodle Cookie
    • JOI Cashew Pails - best before sale
    • Keto Chow - Root Beer - Flavour of the week - will end Monday at 10:30am ET
      • Farm Girl Cereal at 10% off - NEW!
      • Organika - we are still working with to get this finalized! 


      Our pricing strategy has always been to keep prices fair all year long.


      Industry practice has been to have bigger margins (to cover costs like marketing, packaging and shipping), and then do larger discounts from time to time.

      Our philosophy is to have consistent and fair pricing for our Customer Friends. 

      We don't have out of the ordinary or huge margins (selling price to you - cost to us) from our suppliers. 

      Here's the way I look at it, if someone can consistently give you 35% off a product, my question always is, why is the price not lower throughout the year? (unless this is an overstock or best before in which case I would always say run the sale)


      Why are you running a Christmas in Canada sale?

      We have a 10% off code for 1st orders (sign up via the newsletter or popup) but this sale is for our Customer Friends who have placed 2 or 30 orders with us. You are so important to us.

      If I could, I would thank you with sample after sample and discount after discount. You have chosen to shop with Switch over and over again, shout us out on social media, leave product reviews, google reviews and all of it! 

      But that's not possible, and so this sale is our way to say thank you! We have partnered with our suppliers (many Canadian businesses) to share discounts in the spirit of partnership so we can bring you their products to try!

      I also understand that budgeting is important, that it's nice to try a new product at a lower price or pay more to stock up for savings. 


      Why don't you do more than 10% off?

      See above. We keep pricing fair all year round. You never have to think that you got a bad deal at Switch.

      Exception - from time to time we find a couple of cases approaching best before dates. Best before dates are not expiry dates and we encourage all of our Customer Friends to learn more about these dates! You can also extend shelf life easily by storing food products in the fridge or freezer! For best before sales, we go up to 50% off. Our value is to minimize food waste and we hope this also supports our Customer Friends in trying food products for a cheaper price. 


      Thank you for shopping with us. It means a lot to us and our suppliers.

      Lots of love,

      Neha and the SwitchGrocery team


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