Diabetic Snacks at Night

Diabetic Snacks at Night

When you're a diabetic like me you might struggle with diabetes snacks at night.  Keeping my blood sugars in mind I try to have snacks that have lower glycemic index scores. 

Should you eat some protein or something lower in carbs? Maybe something with more fat?  It's often a struggle but I want to share what works for me and which snacks I enjoy that don't have a huge impact on my blood glucose levels.

holding a cookie with a bite out of it

Should diabetics snack at night?

It depends on who you ask and you might get differing opinions on this.  You will also get differing opinions on what you should snack on to keep your blood sugars low.  Since I follow a low carb, ketogenic diet to help manage my blood sugars, I am going to share what works for me.  This is not medical advice, you should always consult with your medical professional before making changes to your diet.

What is a good late night snack for diabetics?

People without diabetes may not understand that diabetics may need a snack in the evening.  Either because their blood sugar is low and they need something to help balance it out or because you may have higher than usual blood sugars in the morning (Dawn Phenomenon - see more on this below) and you it helps to eat something before bed.  

You will often hear conflicting information like you should eat whole grains, whole wheat, greek yogurt, low fat cheese, nut butter, everyone will have an opinion.  The key is to figure out what works best for you and what you want to achieve.

If you are like me, sometimes you just want to enjoy a little something after dinner while catching up on the latest episode of your favourite show. 

When I snack I'm going to eat something that won't spike my blood sugars, keep me satiated and that doesn't need a lot of time to prepare.  I don't want to eat anything that will make my sugar levels change too drastically.

What are My Top 3 Snacks for diabetics?

1. Pili Nuts

When I want to snack but keep a low blood sugar, I usually go for something salty like Pili Nuts which are the perfect snack for me.  They are the highest fat, lowest carbohydrate nut available and are perfect if you are keto, low carb or a diabetic.  I would describe them as a macadamia and a pine nut got married and had a Pili Nut baby.  Seriously, these nuts have just the right amount of fat and contain 6 grams of protein per serving.

Nutrition Facts Per Serving
Calories = 370 I Protein = 6g I Fat = 41g I Carbs = 1g I Fiber = 3g I Sugar =  0g

package of pili nuts

2. Whisps Cheddar Cheese Crisps

When I am in the mood for something crunchy and savoury, Whisps are my go to snack.  They are cheese crisps made from 100% cheese and hit the spot when I want to crunch away on a savoury snack.  

Nutrition Facts Per Serving
Calories = 170 I Protein = 10g I Fat = 14g I Carbs = 1g I Fiber = 0g I Sugar = 0g


package of Whisps Cheddar Cheese Crisps

 3. I Heart Fat Fudge

When I am in the mood for something sweet but that will make me feel satiated I always reach for 1 square of I Heart Fat Fudge.  These delicious and perfect treats are handcrafted fudge squares that use clean, natural ingredients made with healthful fats and are perfect for those on a keto or a diabetic diet, or if you just want to reduce sugar in your life! 

Nutrition Facts Per Serving
Calories = 180 I Protein = 3g I Fat = 15g I Carbs = 5g I Fiber = 4g I Sugar = 1g


2 packages of I Heart Fat Fudge on a cutting board with 4 squares on a dish with a spoon

What is the latest time a diabetic should eat at night?

This can vary depending on how your blood sugars react to certain foods, how late do you go to bed and how are your blood sugar numbers in the morning.  All these can impact what is the latest time you can have a snack. 

Considering these you should likely conduct an experiment to see what works best for you.  Like myself I would test what my blood sugars are before consuming a snack, after consuming a snack, 2 hours after consuming a snack (if i'm still awake) and in the morning.  After analyzing the numbers I would make decisions to see how the snack impacted your blood sugar levels.

Understanding how different foods or snacks affect your blood sugar levels will help you decide if snacking is a good idea for you and also will help you decide when is the latest time you can consume a snack.  It also help to figure out which types of snacks you can enjoy without impacting your glucose levels too much.

How do I stop my blood sugars from rising at night?

Blood sugars that rise overnight usually occur closer to the morning before getting out of bed which is called the Dawn Phenomenon.  This occurs when your body doesn't release more insulin to match your morning rise in blood sugars.

There are a few ways to prevent it like not eating too many carbohydrates before bed.  However, this is something you should consult with your doctor to see what is best for you.

If you are taking insulin you may also suffer from the Somogyi Effect which usually occurs when you take too much or too little insulin before bed causing high levels of blood sugars in the early mornings.

blood glucose monitor reading

How can I bring my blood sugars down quickly?

When treated early you may be able to bring your blood sugars down.

Make sure you are taking your diabetic medications or insulin as prescribed and get some exercise.  Often a brisk walk or a bike ride helps me get my blood sugar levels down if I noticed they are higher than usual.  However, you should consult with your doctor to see if there is anything else they can support you with.

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