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It's the season for giving - Empathy, Education, Glioblastoma and Childhood Cancer

"how much of my money is going directly to the cause. I don't want to pay for the CEO's salary"

How many times have you heard this from your friends, co workers and family.


I worked in the not for profit sector for 3 years and I do accounting consulting for not for profits. I also work with friends in the sector and get to see their frustrations directly. 

Today is Giving Tuesday. I'm going to tell you about 4 incredible organizations to support. But if we are going to get anywhere, first we need to get on the same page. Let's break down the myth of the not for profit sector. 


If you ever plan to give a donation, this is VERY important

 "The things that we have been taught to think and about giving and about charity and the non profit sector, are actually undermining the causes we love, and our profound yearning to change the world." - Dan Pallotta 

 I ask you to spend 18 minutes and 54 seconds watching this video.




I hope that blew your mind. I watch that Ted Talk every single year and it blows my mind. I've had so many contentious debates with my friends who continue to give to charities, charities that are forced to spend less money on operations, R&D, failure, fundraising and who do the same thing over and over again to "market" themselves as x cents of every $ raised goes to programs. 

I'm proud to present these 4 organizations to you and of course, I will disclose my affiliation with each charity. 

Empathy for Peace - empathy and research

I am the Treasurer on the Board of Directors for Empathy for Peace. I have donated to the organization in 2021.

What is Empathy for Peace?

  • The organization takes empathy research (actual research) and puts that into practice 
  • Basically an all star and dedicated Board of Directors with backgrounds in psychology, neuroscience, peace building, not for profit 
  • This year, through a fund created in memory of our beloved colleague, Dr. Emile Bruneau, we gave 2 grants to organizations in Palestine to support children at a summer camp

How can you support Empathy for Peace?

  • I would be honoured if you would consider making a donation and on Giving Tuesday, Canada Helps will add $2 to every donation over $20. I have made a personal donation today. This is a registered charity and you get a tax receipt.
  • Share the organization with any friends and family working in neuroscience, psychology, social justice issues such as anti black racism, islamophobia, transphobia, truth and reconciliation with Indigenous communities and conflict in the Middle East. We will be working to recruit more volunteers in 2022 to work on our mission.

Empathy for Peace Team at UN Conference

Our founding board member team - Haifa Staiti (2nd from left), Simon Baron-Cohen and Ahmad Akel.

Pathways to Education Canada - youth and education

From 2013 to 2016, I was the Director of Finance at Pathways to Education Canada. I have donated to the organization in 2021.

What is Pathways to Education Canada

  • Help Canadian youth finish high school! This is a program to help youth in low-income communities across Canada graduate from high school and move on to post-secondary education or training, internships, apprenticeships and employment opportunities. Read about the model here.
  • Program locations include every province in Canada and  indigenous communities. 

How can you support Pathways to Education Canada?

  • Please consider making a donationThis is a registered charity and you get a tax receipt.
  • You can designate to Area of Greatest Need or pick a community in Canada that you live in or close to or were born in via the dropdown
  • On Giving Tuesday, The Johnson Scholarship Foundation will match up to $20,000 donations until midnight! This is a registered charity and you get a tax receipt.

Slay Society - Glioblastoma


We were proud to donate 5 x $50 Gift Certificates for SwitchGrocery to Slay Society in Ottawa in November 2021 to support their advent calendar fundraiser. 

What is Slay Society?

  • The organization is raising awareness for and supporting caregivers of patients with glioblastoma
  • Glioblastoma is a grade 4, advanced form of brain cancer. Many patients endure aggressive treatment and need intense support from caregivers

How can you support Slay Society?

  • You are welcome to make a donationThis is a young organization and in the process of applying for charitable status and so at this time, you will not get a tax receipt.
  • Please share this organization with anyone you know who is impacted by glioblastoma - ask them to follow the Facebook Page (if it feels appropriate to do so)

The connection: a customer of SwitchGrocery introduced us to Slay Society, and our beloved colleague (from Empathy for Peace - above), Dr. Emile Bruneau was diagnosed with glioblastoma. This is a wonderful video below about his life's work.


Camp Ooch & Camp Trillium - for kids & families affected by cancer 

I did some accounting work for Camp Ooch & Camp Trillium in the past couple of years and I am always blown away by their leadership team and their commitment to children. I have donated to the organization in 2021.

I am truly saddened by the impact of the pandemic on this organization and they have been working hard to bring back in-person programs

What is Camp Ooch & Camp Trillium?

  • This organization delivers camps year round - in community, hospital and overnight - to celebrate kids for who they are and not define them by what they have 
  • There are 3 camp sites across Ontario and there is so much joy at these camps. Families affected by childhood cancer get to meet and relate and restore a sense of normalcy, strength and hope 

How can you support Camp Ooch & Camp Trillium?

  • Please consider donating to the organizationThis is a registered charity and you get a tax receipt.
  • 3x your impact - On Giving Tuesday, Volkswagen Canada will 3x your gift! 
  • Please share this organization with families who are impacted by childhood cancer (if it feels appropriate to do so) or anyone who may be interested in volunteering


This is Stefani's story.

Final Thoughts

Thank you so much for reading and I hope one of these organizations speaks ot you. I hope that it helps you understand why my colleagues in the not for profit sector can be frustrated sometimes and they are also exhausted after the past 2 years.

I cried a lot writing this article and it gave me so much hope that there is a lot of good in this world and people working very hard to make sure that good continues. I hope it gave you hope. 

Thank you for reading and supporting Switch! 

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