Switch Tasting Show, Episode 2: Is The 1 Carb Tortilla Worth It?

Switch Tasting Show, Episode 2: Is The 1 Carb Tortilla Worth It?

In this weeks episode of the SwitchGrocery Tasting Show, we try the 1 carb tortilla 3 different ways!


0:22 Welcome to the Mr. Tortilla live tasting!

  • Neha will always give her most honest opinion!
  • Note: these tortillas are not gluten-free - the gluten-free option for tortillas available on Switch is Live. Organic!


02:26 What is Mr. Tortilla?

  • Mr. Tortilla is the company behind the famous 1 carb tortilla
  • Recommended by customers! Let us know if you have any favourite foods you'd like to see on Switch!
  • It's very hard to make low-carb tortillas taste good and have same consistency as the real thing. It took the founders a lot of hard work and many years to come up with a low-carb, vegan tortilla that's comparable to any other tortilla!
  • This is the lowest-carb tortilla you can buy

04:23 Taste testing the 1 carb tortilla, 3 ways!

  • There are 24 tortillas that come in the bag
  • 1st way (savoury): tortilla chips
    • Neha's reaction: "super chippy", "wheat taste, so I would prefer it with a dip, ground beef or ground soy meat, or guac - this is amazing [Neha ended up having it with sour cream!]"
    • Method: cut up tortilla into triangles, or into desired shape and size
  • 2nd way (savoury): pizza tortilla

Screenshot from the SwitchGrocery tasting show, episode 2: Mr. Tortilla 1 carb tortillas. Neha holding pizza tortilla

    • Neha's reaction: "mmmmmm!!", "wow, this is really good"
    • Method: add tomato sauce, cheese, and pepperoni (or any other desired toppings!)
  • 3rd way (sweet): PB&J tortilla
    • Neha's reaction: "OMG this is soooo good", "I'm surprised because this is a multigrain wrap"
    • Method: spread your favourite peanut butter and jam onto the tortilla (Neha used Good Good Jam and Fatso Peanut Butter!)


12:46 Concluding thoughts

  • It is a multigrain wrap so there is a whole wheat aftertaste if you're not used to having multigrain (but, the aftertaste does not come through when you add your toppings, fillings, or dips to the tortilla!)
  • Final rank in order of deliciousness: pizza tortilla, PB&J tortilla, tortilla chips (depends on dip)
  • 14:53: Is it worth the hype? It depends on your needs and what you’re looking for (e.g. if you’re gluten-free). Make sure to check the ingredients to determine if they're suitable for you!
    • Mr. Tortilla wraps are a great option if you're low-carb, keto, vegan, or monitoring your blood sugar levels
  • Overall: a really great replacement for regular tortillas


Some commons questions after the Tasting Show

1. Are Mr. Tortilla okay for people with diabetes? 

I encourage everyone to test their own blood glucose. I (Neha w/ pre-diabetes currently) have tested my blood glucose and it is in a typical range.

2. Are Mr. Tortilla really 1 carb? How many carbs are there in Mr. Tortilla? 

Yes absolutely! It was important to the founders to make a tortilla that is helpful for people who have diabetes or are following a keto or low-carb lifestyle. Mr. Tortilla wraps are keto-friendly.

The tortillas are the size of your palm, which means they are super versatile. You can turn them into chips, tacos, wraps, croutons, dessert crepes, and more!

3. What are the ingredients in Mr. Tortilla?  

You can find the ingredients on the product page.

The ingredients make the product not gluten-free. The ingredients were chosen to balance an accessible price point and taste. 


You can explore Mr. Tortilla wraps here (fun fact: SwitchGrocery is the only store that carries Mr. Tortilla wraps, outside of Amazon!). 

Different flavours of Mr. Tortilla 1 carb tortilla wraps from SwitchGrocery Canada

Thank you so much for watching Episode 2 and see you next week!