Good Dee's low carb keto bake off with Oscar of I Hacked Diabetes and Deana at Switch Grocery and Tom and Sawyer pet meals

Good Dee's and IHackedDiabetes low carb and keto Bake Off

And what a Bake Off it was, both Deana and Oscar won! and blog post with all of the recipes coming soon!


This meet up is for you if you have picked up the awesome Good Dee’s mixes from SwitchGrocery and if you are interested in learning more about how to creatively use the mixes with 2 famous home chefs!

If you can't make it, please also join us on for Instagram and Facebook Live! (calendar reminder below!)

Good Dee's low carb baking mixes are the awesome brain child of Deana! Deana wanted to get healthy after her son was born and started following the low carb high fat lifestyle! She LOVES cooking and developed low carb, no sugar added baking mixes so she could have her cake and eat it too (no pun intended!) 

Oscar: I genuinely mean it when I say you are missing out if you don't follow Oscar! He is the founder of ihackeddiabetes and brings us CREATIVE cooking set to amazing music (yep - to music on his instagram stories!) Oscar is a recovering carbaholic and diabetic and shares his love for cooking, fasting and all of the keto livin' on his Instagram

Time: 5pm - 7pm EST / 2pm - 4pm PST 

IG & FB live to start at approximately 5:15pm EST / 2:15pm PST

When: Saturday, November 10, 2018

Where: Tom & Sawyer Fresh Prepared Meals

We have been long time customers of Tom & Sawyer - SwitchGrocery's chief happiness officer LOVES their food! This local company in Toronto is revolutionizing the pet food industry (which is currently UNregulated!). They make food for dogs and cats that HUMANS like you and I can eat!

Tom & Sawyer pet meals delivered for dogs and cats

Why are we doing our Meetup here? Because they have an all star commercial kitchen in Toronto with amazing ovens and an awesome mix and mingle space! You are welcome to also place an order with them before the Meetup! 

Major intersection: Queen Street East and Leslie Street in Toronto



Event format:

Baking Demo! Two home chefs competing to make awesome food using Good Dee's baking mixes! There may even be samples!

Event details

You have to RSVP in order to attend as we have limited capacity at the venue. 

1. Join the Meetup Group 

2. RSVP to the event:

3. Please submit a question when you RSVP! 

Last Presentation style meetup: Check out our last meetup where Oscar hosted a Q&A with Megan and Andrea of IDM make an awesome presentation on all things fasting!


For our amazing Customer Friends who would like to attend but are busy or in other parts of Canada and the US (and the world!), you can rather watch from the comforts of your own home on Instagram and Facebook live! Add the Q&A to your Google calender or with the link below and you’ll get a reminder before the Meetup starts!


Please share the event! Hashtags: #switchgrocery #ketomeetupto #gooddeesmixes


If you are attending and would like to pick up your order, we will be offering free pickups at this Meetup! Please place your order at the latest by Friday, November 9th at 2pm EST, so we can have it packed for you! Please click on add note before submitting your order and note that you will be picking up your order at the November 10th meetup!

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