Jaswant's Kitchen Instagram Live - Low Carb Indian Food - Tips & Tricks

Jaswant's Kitchen Instagram Live - Low Carb Indian Food - Tips & Tricks

We recently did an Instagram Live with Simi, Co-Founder of Jaswant's Kitchen where we learned about how their business started and some amazing tips and tricks on how use their products!

Missed the IG Live? No problem! Just click the video below to watch the recording!

Prefer to read than watch? We got you! Scroll down to the main points and takeaways from the Live.



Time codes:
  • Origins of the company: 01:19 

  • TruLOCAL Partnership: 04:16

  • Details of Spice Blends: 04:53

  • How to use Spices: 14:18

  • Easy Recipes/Meal Prep: 22:40

  • Butter Chicken: 24:59

  • Chai Masala: 27:04

  • Ending: 28:46

How did Jaswant's Kitchen Come to Be?

  • Indian food can be complicated and intimidating to make, let alone time consuming.

  • Mom (aka Jaswant herself!) always cooked from scratch. The food values she instilled in her children included real, healthy foods.

  • After calling mom and and asking for recipes over and over again, mom came up with the blends to make cooking easier and less time consuming (but just as tasty!)

  • And then Jaswant’s Kitchen took off!

      What are Some Tips and Tricks for Each Spice Blend?

      1) Turmeric Latte Spice Blend 

      Shop Jaswant's Kitchen Turmeric Latte Spice Blend on SwitchGrocery Canada

      • First product launched on SwitchGrocery and one of the best-sellers! 
      • Make a big batch and keep in fridge. Can then just heat and serve when ready to drink!

      2) Raita Salt

      Shop Jaswant's Kitchen Raita Salt on SwitchGrocery Canada

      • Made w/ himalayan salt (black salt) + sea salt
      • Add to yogourt, vegetable, sparkling water, eggs, chicken wings, on a salad with a squeeze lime/lemon and olive oil, in sour cream for veggie dip...
      • Can also aid in replenishing electrolytes - super useful when fasting!

      3) Masala Fish Seasoning 

      Shop Jaswant's Kitchen Masala Fish Seasoning on SwitchGrocery Canada

      • Although this blend is made for fish, it can be used on any protein of choice!
      • Start with the Masala Fish and then upgrade to the full jar of Tadka Masala, (2 sizes available!) since it is the same thing - more value for you!

      4) Tadka Masala 

      Shop Jaswant's Kitchen Tadka Masala on SwitchGrocery Canada
      • Replaces the 30+ minute process of frying onions and cooking with 17 different spices … it has already been done for you in this premade blend!
      • Tadka Masala is a classic “cooking spice” - mainly used on protein, meat curries, vegetable dishes …
      • A Stella favourite! (On Instagram @dirtygirlscleaneats)

      5) Tandoori Masala

      Shop Jaswant's Kitchen Tandoori Masala on SwitchGrocery Canada
      • Tandoori is typically red because colour is added to it. Jaswant’s Kitchen spices are 100% natural and free of artificial colouring -  that is why the spice is a different colour from other tandooris
      • Tandoori Masala is best as a “grilling spice” - great for marinating and grilling

      6) Garam Masala

      Shop Jaswant's Kitchen Garam Masala on SwitchGrocery Canada
      • Garam Masala is known as a “finishing” spice, adding another layer of flavour at the end
      • Less is more! A small amount of garam goes far, which is why the jar is smaller. Typically, for every 1 tbsp of Tadka Masala, you would only use ¼  tsp of Garam Masala.

      7) Chai Masala

      Shop Jaswant's Kitchen Chai Masala on SwitchGrocery Canada
      • Can use to make a traditional Chai or have over ice
      • Also super tasty in your favourite non dairy milk - think Loaded Dirty Chai Frappe!
      • Beyond drinks, can also be used in baking!

      Other Tips and Tricks?

        Ginger & Garlic mealprep switchgrocery

        Ginger and garlic prep:

        Most recipes call for ginger and garlic.

        To save time, batch prep these two ingredients and freeze, so you always have on hand!

        For ginger, mince fresh ginger in food processor, lay on baking sheet in 1 tbsp balls, freeze for at least one hour (so they freeze individually), and then store in freezer bag until needed!

        For garlic, mince fresh garlic in food processor, lay on baking sheet in 1 tsp balls, freeze for at least one hour (so they freeze individually), and then store in freezer bag until needed!


        Meal prep tips:

        • Pre-marinate dishes and freeze. When ready to eat, all you have to do is cook!
        • To make butter chicken, make tandoori chicken on the first night and reserve half. The next day, use the leftover tandoori chicken to make butter chicken, by adding tomatoes and butter! 

        Craving More?

        • Be sure to check out our “Top 5 Low Carb Barbecue Recipes” blog post, featuring delicious Jaswant’s Kitchen inspired recipes!

        • We also have two Turmeric Latte Recipes  for you to discover!

        • You can find even more recipes, dierectly on the Jaswant’s Kitchen website and check them out their Instagram page!

        • Jaswant’s Kitchen and SwitchGrocery have partnered with truLOCAL, an amazing meat delivery service that lets you shop for clean, locally sourced meat online, delivered straight to your door. truLOCAL is currently available in Ontario and Alberta, with plans to further expand across Canada!

        • Shop Jaswant's Kitchen line over here!


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