dairy free superfood latte and creamer available in Canada

3 Delicious Dairy Free Launches - JOI Coffee Creamer, Mindful Monk Hazelnut and Blume Birthday Cake

Move over dairy, because do we have the most delicious, creamy, full of flavour, dairy free launches for you!

JOI Single Serve Oat Milk Coffee Creamers! Designed to make the perfect latte, on the go

What do the people want? "Individual serving packets of oat milk?" "an oat creamer?" "Coffee creamer packets" The company, JOI has already made the best nut milk base (no refrigeration, long shelf life).

Now, they've come out with Single Serve, Oat Milk Coffee Creamer Packets and you can get it in a 10 pack!

Add one serving into 6 fl oz of coffee or into an espresso

- Mix 1 or 2 packets into 6 fl oz of water, stir or froth, add to coffee or espresso

  • How to use: Add 1 - 2 servings to a 1 cup of coffee or into an espresso. Froth up. 
  • Flavour - This was specifically designed to be a coffee creamer and has additional ingredients to make a creamy, flavourful latte. If you want JUST Oat Milk Powder, JOI has that too, find it here
  • Ingredients - Better for you coffee creamer ingredients like MCT + avocado oil give that rich and creamy texture (and no oils like canola + rapeseed⁠). Fibre from tapioca and fruit pectin prevents separation and is known to support digestion
  • Calcium - Added calcium supports benefits you would get from dairy, while keeping this dairy free
  • Sugar - This is JOI's first blend with added sugar. They kept it to only 3g of sugar for that slight sweet taste.
  • Post Consumer Recycled Materials: It's made from post consumer recycled materials!  
  • Why JOI? I mean, have you tried the JOI Cashew or Almond Base? We have so many 5 star reviews for these products! "This product is much better than the store bought cartons of almond milk. I love the nutty flavour. It also has zero preservatives which was the selling point for my husband and I. I have ordered the large tub of it." 


Shop Brand New JOI Single Serve Oat Coffee Creamers launching on SwitchGrocery Canada

Who should try this - Coffee Lovers, Tea Lovers, Matcha Lovers 

If you love a bag of satisfying crunchy snacks, you will love this! 

✅ no seed oil ✅ low sugar ✅ clean ingredients  


Mindful Monk Chocolate Hazelnut Fudge Squares! Ferrero Roche but healthy!!

 "I loved the new hazelnut fudge squares! Great addition to the functional fudge line up. The roasted hazelnuts were a treat. It’s hard to find alternatives for hazelnut here, and this one is perfect. Thanks Alice for creating this new flavour!"

New Flavour Release!! Chocolate Hazelnut tastes like your favourite Ferrero Rocher without all of the stuff you don't want! Check out Neha tasting it below at 33 minutes of the video!

Blume Birthday Cake Latte (10% off)!  Smooth, Creamy and delicious banana muffin flavour! 

"Blume please make this a permanent blend! I say this in every review but honestly I think this is my new favourite. Nice and sweet with such a fun beautiful pink colour. I have tried it both hot and cold and it’s perfect both ways. Now to get some ice cream and try it in a milkshake. 😊"

New Flavour Release! This is a limited edition Summer Drink Flavour from Blume, a Canadian company that makes delicious caffeine free and dairy free lattes made with ingredients you can pronounce.  

What does it taste like?  

  • What are the Ingredients? - Amazing ingredients known for their health benefits. Maca (balance mood and hormones), Beetroot (caffeine free energy boost), Coconut Milk (creamy finish & healthy fats), Cinnamon (blood sugar balance) 
  • Is it Caffeine Free? - This is a caffeine free blend
  • Is there sugar in the blend? - This blend contains only 1g of sugar from the coconut sugar
  • Why is there Maltodextrin in Blume's Birthday Cake Blend?- The maltodextrin in this blend is not an added ingredient by the Blume team, but it's a sub-ingredient of the organic coconut milk powder that they use. It’s difficult to source coconut milk powder without maltodextrin because of the nature of the product being high in oils and fats that often lead to clumping. Maltodextrin prevents coconut milk powder from clumping to ensure you have the best experience with your blend.

What does it taste like?  
"Wow so in love with this flavour. It has to be my favourite so far. It tastes just like birthday cake but not too intense. I’ve had it both hot and cold…cold is sooo nice if you have a sweet tooth and want a little dessert in the evening! I’m going to have to order more before it runs out."

"The vanilla smell will hit you the moment you open the bag!"

Why Blume?

If you haven't tried Blume, it's time! Blume has made incredible caffeine free dairy free blends. Check them out here. I love even blending them in my coffee some days.  


✅ caffeine free ✅ refined sugar free ✅ certified organic ✅ plant based ✅ gluten free ✅ keto-friendly ✅ certified organic    

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