Keto Brick Price Increase March 2023-1 (2)

Keto Brick Pricing in Canada

We are so excited to partner with Robert, Kevin and the Keto Brick team and carry Keto Bricks in Canada. These are nutrient dense "bricks' - yes that's actually what they look like that contain ingredients like whey protein, cacao butter - protein and healthy fats. 

You can easily take them with you on the go, melt them down and turn them into bark. Our kiddo loves them too. 

We have sold many Keto Bricks to Canadians, and in this blog, we wanted to share some news on pricing from Robert aka Keto Savage creator behind Keto Bricks. Then we'll get into pricing for Canada.  

Keto Brick Update from Robert Savage 

"I want to be brutally honest with all of you... When Crystal and I started the company back in 2018, we had no idea what we were doing. We made more mistakes than we would care to admit, and we learned a TON in the process. We had no idea how to price the Bricks, and we started off losing money as a result. As we grew, we could purchase ingredients in bulk and turn a profit. However, that profit has since diminished as all of our ingredient suppliers, shipping providers, and even software costs have increased over the past several years.

Since our inception in 2018, we have never once increased our prices on you. However, that doesn't mean our costs haven't dramatically increased during that same period. I've fought tooth and nail to keep our prices the same. I've invested a ton of my personal savings to keep our Brick prices stable, hoping that our downstream supplier costs will return to normal. Unfortunately, our ingredient costs, shipping costs, and software costs will not go back to normal. Everything keeps getting more expensive.

This leaves our company with three options:

1) Go out of business

2) Decrease the quality of the Bricks so that our prices can stay the same

3) Maintain our high-quality standards and charge more for the Bricks.

Truth be told, I don't want to go out of business, and I can't justify decreasing the quality of the Bricks because that would totally go against my values and why we created this business to begin with! As such, our prices will slightly increase..."

 - Robert aka Keto Savage

Keto Brick Pricing in Canada on SwitchGrocery 

We completely understand the rationale behind the Keto Brick team's decision and we hope our Customer Friends understand. We pay the Keto Brick team a wholesale price for the Bricks which has now increased, and then customs duties, shipping fees to us. And then of course our own warehouse costs. 

This means unfortunately, we will have to increase our prices. We hope the value that Keto Bricks bring to your life stay and we will continue to find ways to save whether that is buy more save more (all orders over $450 get 10% off now) or value packs.

The price will increase from $16.99 to $18.99. For one week, from April 2nd to April 9th, we will keep the price at $16.99 if you'd like to pick up some Keto Bricks.

On April 9th after our sale ends, we will release new value packs for Keto Brick which will correspond to the Buy More and Save More philosophy. A larger order for us saves on shipping, packaging costs and you can share in those savings with us! 

Grab some Keto Bricks at the $16.99 price for 1 week!  

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