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Meet the Supplier: Lee's Provisions

SwitchGrocery has the most delicious organic ghee in Canada!! Use it as a cooking or baking ingredient, or add it to your morning coffee, get creative!

Lee’s Provisions starts with organic butter to make their ghee and then turns that into something magical and delicious.

Why We Picked Lee’s Provisions 

  1. Lee, the founder of Lee’s Provisions, is amazing! Her goal with Lee’s Provisions is to create the most delicious clarified butter using the best sources.
  2. The ghees are amazing! They are so much more flavourful and delicious than other ghee blends on the market (I know - we tried them!)
  3. Canadians deserve products this good as quickly as possible!

I believe that awesome companies should be able to get their products to customers quickly, without waiting years to get on the shelves of traditional retail stores. Plus, the food you eat should make you feel good and help you on your health journey!

Lee’s Provisions is all of those things and we are so excited to be able to bring it to you!

Behind the Company

Lee’s Provisions was founded by Lee Capatina, a former model who wanted to adopt a healthy lifestyle. As a model, she was required to maintain a strict, low-fat diet and her overall wellbeing suffered because of it. She became determined to look for a healthier way of living, eventually stumbling upon a seminar on Ayurveda (traditional Indian medicinal knowledge).

Lee Capatina from Lee's Provisions Ghee at SwitchGrocery Canada

It was in that seminar that she discovered ghee and became fascinated by it. She started using ghee in her everyday cooking, enjoying its flavour and nourishing qualities. She learned how to make ghee at home and then started to share a few mason jars with her friends.

Lee was studying to be a holistic nutritionist when opportunity knocked on her door. People and retail businesses started to place orders for her homemade ghee, leading to her founding of Lee’s Provisions. In 2019, Lee met her current business partner, Rebecca Dalal, a nutritionist equally passionate about advocating for the health benefits of ghee!

Rebecca Dalal from Lee's Provisions on SwitchGrocery Canada

What is it?

Ghee is a type of clarified butter that originated in India. It has been used for thousands of years as a cooking oil.

Lee's Provisions Plain Jane Ghee on SwitchGrocery Canada

It's made by simmering butter on low temperature until the milk solids separate from the butter oil. When the ghee is finished, it is filtered, leaving behind pure butter oil, sometimes referred to as “liquid gold”.

Benefits of ghee

First of all, ghee is great as a pantry staple for cooking because it has a high smoke point (250C compared to EVOO of 162C). This essentially means that there is no risk of the oils oxidizing! 

Some of the biggest benefits of ghee are that it is:

  • naturally lactose-free (99%), which is amazing for our dairy-free Customer Friends
  • High in Vitamins A, D and E
  • Tastes like butter… but better!
  • Contains butyrate; a short-chain fatty acid found only in butter and ghee which can help reduce inflammation and improve digestion.

What makes Lee's Ghee stand out?

Certified Organic -- All of Lee’s Provisions products are Certified Organic which is an extremely strict certification. To give an idea of just how rigorous this certification is, these are some of the requirements: no antibiotics, GMOs, pesticides, or herbicides can be present in the cow’s diet. The cows are also pasture-raised!

Small batches -- Lee’s Provisions only produces in small batches. This makes a huge difference in taste (since more time and effort is put into each jar) and contributes less waste!

Glass jars -- As if all of that wasn’t enough, their products are sold in glass jars, making Lee’s Provisions quite sustainable! I personally repurpose the jars for my chia puddings, nuts and seeds, and coffee!  

Elephant conservation -- When you purchase a Lee's Provisions product, you're also contributing to saving the Asian elephant! Lee’s Provisions donates 10% of their profits to NGOs, like A Rocha India, working to protect the Asian elephant (hence their logo!) and its habitats.


Lee's Provisions Good Fat Blends on SwitchGrocery Canada

Lee’s Provisions starts with organic butter to make their Plain Jane Ghee and from there, adds some flavourings like maple for their Great Canadian Maple flavour or alters the process like cooking it longer to make their Brown Butter Ghee!

Lee’s Provisions also makes Good Fat Blends, which is a mix of coconut oil and ghee. They come in 3 flavours: 50/50 Blend (of coconut oil and ghee), Vanilla Bean, and Dark Chocolate. These blends were actually inspired by the feedback from our amazing community!

Who should use Lee’s Provisions?


Lee’s Ghees are delicious and perfect for cooking, baking, or my favourite – adding Brown Butter Ghee or the Vanilla Blend to my coffee. All of their ghees are also dairy-free, making it the perfect fat for anyone with these dietary restrictions!

Final Thoughts

Lee’s Provisions’ Ghees and Good Fat Blends have become a staple in my everyday life. I love adding Brown Butter to my coffee, Dark Chocolate with cream and JOI nutmilk to make a mocha, or using the 50/50 Blend or Plain Jane Ghee for cooking.

Lee's Ghees are also perfect for baking! I use between ½ - ⅔ qty compared to butter that the recipe calls for (It's a budget friendly way to make the jar last longer!). You can also spread it on baked goods and basically everything. Get creative! 


Check out this how-to video for making your own Ghee coffee blend!

Check out our favourite ways to use Lee's Provisions products in our Recipes section. These Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Muffins in particular are delicious!

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