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Supporting Local: truLOCAL x SwitchGrocery

“The way that Canadians buy food is rapidly changing. The types of foods consumers are looking for, and where they’re sourced from, are more important than ever before. It’s an industry we’re so happy to be a part of, and we’re so grateful to be on this crazy ride alongside amazing Canadian companies like SwitchGrocery.”

Tissue, please! We are unbelievably honoured and touched to have been featured by truLOCAL, a company that we admire and value so incredibly much.

The truLOCAL Difference

Getting your hands on locally-sourced, clean, and high quality meats (e.g. hormone- and antibiotic-free, grass-fed beef, and wild fish), fruit, vegetables, sides, and more without even leaving your home, has never been easier! truLOCAL is an amazing and innovative meat delivery service that lets you shop for clean, local protein online, delivered straight to your door.

Canadian Customer Friends, their services are currently available in Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia, with plans to expand all across Canada!

truLOCAL meat delivery service SwitchGrocery Canada

More than Food

truLOCAL and SwitchGrocery go way back. It started when we googled local meat delivery companies and Marc (one of the co-founders) showed up at our door with our first box. From then on, we’ve remained so full of admiration with truLOCAL as we built our small businesses with aligned values and then now, navigating COVID-19. 

1. The vision - To better convey our deep appreciation for truLOCAL, we visit our commitment to our Customer Friends. Our goal is to bring you great products we fully believe in, in the fastest way possible.

2. The change - The other side of this mission is, put simply, to disrupt the food industry. The food industry is dominated by large distributors, making it extremely hard for small businesses to share their products with us. We found that small suppliers make very innovative food products with a lot of care (which is why the big players often end up buying them out). Similarly truLOCAL found that farmers are the strength in their communities and care about the animals they raise and their customers.

truLOCAL nailed writing about our mission and values: 

“[...] we truly admire the tight-knit community of “customer friends” that Neha and SwitchGrocery have fostered. This is a company that not only puts great products, from interesting suppliers, in the hands of consumers who may otherwise not have had that exposure – they’ve built a movement around it.”

We gravitate to truLOCAL and their team because they share our goals and values. The founders place so much emphasis on supporting and uplifting our community. They are disrupting the food industry not just through their convenient and quick delivery, but also by being TRANSPARENT about their supply chain. They connect you straight to the source of your meats -- to the farmers -- and beyond that -- to the butchers and the delivery drivers. 

truLOCAL team SwitchGrocery Canada

It took a pandemic for many of us to realize the VALUE of what we have in our own communities and the IMPORTANCE of uplifting these local businesses. truLOCAL has been ahead of the game for online convenience and shopping local, all of which makes for a stable supply chain that can support an entire community. Nothing beats the sense of personalization and care that comes with small, local businesses. I love their post-it notes.

truLOCAL x SwitchGrocery

So what happens when you combine truLOCAL with SwithGrocery? DELICIOUS food, made and curated with SO MUCH CARE!

Pairing the locally-sourced proteins from truLOCAL with the flavourful low-carb, keto-friendly, sugar-free, gluten-free, and preservative-free (all of the free!) spice blends from Jaswant’s Kitchen, we’ve created an array of crowd-pleasing, family-friendly eats! 

Want to up your BBQ game? Check out our BBQ recipes

Craving low carb and keto-friendly Indian takeout? We gotchu! 

There is nothing more fulfilling than supporting and partnering with a company that understands and cares about community as much as Switch.

Black Lives Matter

As small businesses tackle the next challenge, how to support the Black Lives Matter movement, truLOCAL established an Equal Opportunity Grant for black founders. It's easy to talk the talk with black screens but they are walking the talk and setting the standard for other small businesses to take on this movement. The grantees have incredible businesses:

Girls Gang Strong -  is tackling bullying by providing a subscription box with 5 - 8 curated products for girls of all backgrounds and races to empower themselves, and love themselves.

Ohh Foods - is making snacks that are free of the top 10 allergens, bringing awareness to food allergies. This is true #inclusivesnacking

BLISS Skateboard Shop - only skateboard shop in Windsor-Essex County! Military woman, mom and skateboarder extraoardinaire owned. 

Soungui Fitness - is uplifting and empowering youth in the Black community by teaching physical, mental and spiritual health, more important than ever during COVID-19.

In addition to everything that truLOCAL already does - delivering locally sourced meats to homes during COVID-19, the founders prioritized the Black Lives Matter movement, mobilized and executed (probably at night!) to make a change. They are a true inspiration. 

Final Thoughts

There are few companies that truly care -- about partnerships, about their Customer Friends and the community -- and truLOCAL is 100%, one of those companies.

To learn more about what truLOCAL stands for and to place an order from them, head over to their Canadian website or their US website.

Read the full blog post truLOCAL wrote about us!

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