SwitchGrocery Keto Meetup - November 26

Meetup: Keto in Maintenance by Kellie Keto - losing 100lbs and keeping it off

Event materials and survey

Kellie's presentation is right here for you to follow along the IG and FB live!

Please complete the survey after you watch the presentation! 

Behind the scenes of the meetup!


The presentation!


Event details


Taking it above the last meetup format (meet and greet) into a presentation, Q&A AND still a meet and greet!

In the last meetup, we heard that you would like a more formal discussion and presentation. I'm personally so excited that Kellie will be the first presenter and she will take on the topic: Keto in Maintenance. 

Please note that this meet up is for you if you have been following the keto lifestyle for a while and are thinking about keto in maintenance and as long term lifestyle.

For our amazing friends who cannot make it to the event because you don't live close by, and if you would rather watch from the comforts of your own home, we will broadcast on instagram and Facebook live so please watch, comment and love us! No RSVP required.

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The hosts for the event - 

Alysha, @fatfuelled / 

Colleen @keto_in_to / 

Sarah @ketointhesix / 

Oscar @ihackeddiabetes / 

yours truly, Neha @SwitchGrocery

Honourable mention: Kenza @ketoflightattendant on Instagram who will be on vacation BUT she really pulled the first one and this awesome team together!

Please share the event! Hashtags: #ketomeetup #ketomeetupTO

How to RSVP:

1. Join the Meetup Group 

2. RSVP to the event. Here is the link: https://www.meetup.com/SwitchGrocery-Keto-Paleo-Meetups/events/245006421/


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