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New Keto Finds in Canada

We have new launches coming to Canada from Keto Chow and Keto Brick! These 3 new Keto products will be available exclusively in our online store ūüá®ūüᶬ†

Keto Chow Core

This one is for all our dairy-free, low carb, protein lovers! 

Keto Chow Core is the newest line of nutritionally complete meal replacement shakes designed for optimum nutrition, with minimal fuss. It uses beef protein isolate, along with high-quality vitamins and minerals, and allows for flexible sweetener options.

You can easily mix one (or several) up with water and your choice of fat to create a filling meal that’s perfect for when you don’t have the time, supplies, kitchen space, or whatever to cook a traditional meal. 

Key highlights

1. This is Dairy Free! Instead of milk protein isolate, this uses beef protein isolate instead of milk protein isolate

2. Flexible Sweetener Options. You can choose between having it pre-sweetened with a special Stevia blend, or getting it with NO sweetener so that you can add one of your choosing (or not!). For the unsweetened option, you can vary the amount of sweetener.

3. Different Taste. Keto Chow Core does not taste the same as Classic Keto Chow. It tastes BETTER than other Chocolate Protein Shakes and Meal Replacements on the market. In the founder Chris & Miriam's words, "let Keto Chow Core shine for what it is".

4. Flavours: The only flavour available right now is Chocolate. Depending on response, the team will consider more ioptions.

5. Why did the Keto Chow team release Core? The team wanted to create an option that would be available to people with different sweetener preferences and dietary restrictions. Some people have a physiological or an idealogical response to sucralose and some people cannot withstand dairy.

6. Mix Well: You need to add warmer water (60 degrees) for this to mix well, or you will get clumps. If you use a blender bottle, use very warm water OR use a blender. 

7. Consistency: This is more liquidy than "milkshake-ey" Some people really prefer that

8. Lasts in the fridge up to the same time as Classic Keto Chow - 6 days.

9. Dairy free fat options: You need to add atleast 10g of fat to get the benefits of the shake. Dairy free fats can be melted coconut oil, avocado oil, melted clarified ghee.


If you want to learn more about Core, watch this video by the founders Chris & Miriam below. This will recap questions like:

1:39 What is Keto Chow Core?

3:05 If you want to you can use regular Sugar.

5:37 It doesn't mix the same

6:48 How does the taste measure up?

9:43 How long does it last in the fridge?


You can also read a detailed blog post about Keto Chow Core here from the founders. This covers the comparison to the existing Keto Chow shakes, how much sweetener to use, best way to mix and FAQ's. 


Keto Brick Milk & Cookies

Milk and Cookies is Cookies and Cream, but taken to a whole new delicious level! Aaron @a.d.keto has tried it and here's his review

Keto Brick is a high performance food made for people who follow keto or want a quality, delicious and easy to eat food for when they're on the go, or just too busy to make lunch. 

Milk 'N Cookies - the name says it ALL!!!!! It's a childhood nostalgic favourite. This replaces the original Cookies and Cream and is creamier, smoother, made with grass fed whey protein and cacao butter. Aaron says it best - the Keto Brick team now has the consistency of the bricks down to a science and this flavour is a clear winner!

Enjoy it on it's own or try it melted into bark!


Live Show - New Launches

Neha does a live taste test of the Keto Chow Classic and the Keto Chow Core - sweetened and unsweetened. Watch below! 


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