new low carb and dairy free launches in canada at switchgrocery

Summer Launch - NEW Phat Crackers and Keto Chow Birthday Cake

What a month! We have 2 AMAZING new launches and 1 BIG restock coming at you tonight

Phat Crackers - the OG low carb, gluten free, cracker launching in Canada on SwitchGrocery

You asked and we're delivering! We are constantly asked to carry more snack options on Switch. And we’ve been on a cracker bending spree of trying ALL the low carb crackers!

So we’re bringing to you tried and tasted Phat Crackers in 2 flavours: Original and Cheddar and a new tasting pack where you get 2 of each to try! 

  • Flavour - “These are the best tasting crackers period.” “I almost hate to share them” “I can eat fewer and feel satisfied” “these are the best tasting low carb crackers my husband and I have tried - and we’ve tried a lot”
  • Ingredients you can pronounce - “Most almond flour crackers have large amounts of starchy, high carb ingredients. Not these ones! They remind me of wheat thins, only better and of course, healthier! 
  • Texture: “Very crisp when first opened” The texture is the perfect combination of rich, buttery, crunchy, and salty.  
  • What’s the difference between Original and Cheddar: The Original is the closest you’ll get to homemade buttery crackers that feel like you baked them yourself with amazing ingredients. The Cheddar is actually made with real cheddar and is full of flavour! The Original is Diary Free while the Cheddar is not. 


Who should try this - This is for the cheese lovers, gluten free, low carb friends. 

If you love a bag of satisfying crunchy snacks, you will love this! 

✅ gluten free ✅keto friendly ✅ low carb ✅ diabetic-friendly ✅ no seed oil ✅ no sugar or sweetener ✅ no junk ingredients ✅ woman owned 

How to use:

Charcuterie board or clearly right out of the bag! 

Find it here!

Keto Chow Birthday Cake Shake Flavour launching in Canada on SwitchGrocery 

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you! 

New flavour release: This is one of the most anticipated flavours! Birthday Cake. Just in time for the founder, Chris Bair’s birthday!  This is a limited edition flavour - Birthday Cake and comes in single servings only right now. 

Keto Chow Birthday Cake Launch on SwitchGrocery Canada

The big question: What does it taste like?

“It smells like batter” “wow that tastes like you’re going to have an entire shake of licking the bowl while you’re making a cake” - Rachel from 2KrazyKetos

“It tastes like you took vanilla frosting and birthday cake and you whipped it up and turned it into a birthday cake” - Joe from 2KrazyKetos

“It tastes like frosting” - Serious Keto 

Tasting Vibes: Vanilla, Sweet, Frosting, Cake Batter

Why you’ll love it:

This is a true summer birthday cake but in a healthier option!

Who should try it:

Cake lovers, Vanilla lovers, Frosting lovers, Cake Batter Lovers! Don't forget the whipped cream!

Live Taste Test:

Watch Joe & Rachel from 2KrazyKetos taste test the new flavour! 


Kaizen Rice Restock in Canada on SwitchGrocery 

Kaizen Rice 5 Pack Launch on SwitchGrocery made with Lupin Flour - Vegan, Best Low Carb, Keto Friendly, Gluten Free Rice

We know you love launches together and if you have not tried Kaizen Rice, I have NO WORDS! Arash from ShredHappens on Instagram and TikTok, created long grain "rice" out of lupin flour. It's perfection, to the point it has sold out. We just got word our restock is on a UPS truck and it's officially in Canada, so it's back in stock!

Listen to Arash talk ALL about his pasta and rice below. We kept selling out of the pasta and so now we have more in stock to make sure we keep it for you!

We MAY have it back in stock by the time we launch on Thursday night, which means you can get birthday cake, crackers, rice ALL at once - sweet and savoury! 

Stay tuned!

Thank you,

Neha, Brie & the SwitchGrocery team


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