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Our Company's Goals for 2022-23 and why we may not achieve them | Food, CPG, and E-commerce

With no official board of directors, we have learned that our customers, business friends, supporters understand and appreciate our business model the most, which is why I am bringing you our business update in a 30 minute video.


If you're short on time, read on.


What are SwitchGrocery's 2022-23 Business Goals?


1. Our team is engaged with each other and works together to achieve our goals


- in person meetings, unstructured time, lunches, monthly financial and goals review


2. We serve our Customer Friends with great products (new and current), tips and recipes


- weekly tasting / cooking show, expanding our recipe section, finding and launching new products, working through a fair process to delist brands, writing helpful emails and texts and launching a Rewards program




3. We find new Customer Friends who are interested in our shop
This is a combination of TikTok, organic search engine optimization - creating blogs that bring value to our customers like how to order sugar free and gluten free at Starbuck Canada, and paid ads that are interesting and engaging. 


What are SwitchGrocery's risks to achieving our goals?


Macro Risks 

1. Uncertainty - inflation, rising prices, supply chain

2. Access to capital to invest in inventory to support higher sales 

Micro Risks

1. Remote team

2. Stage of life

3. Focus


The support we have from our customers, our supporters, our business friends, our vendors, and suppliers is WHAT will ultimately help us get to Not a Small Business and make SwitchGrocery a household name in Canada.


We would love your feedback and here's how to provide it!


- comment on the YouTube video or our LinkedIn Video 
- Add Neha Charnalia on Linkedin and DM me directly
- shoot an email over to


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