Neha Charnalia SwitchGrocery founder interview with Clearco for International Women's Day video

Own Your Story

Stories from female founders should not only be highlighted and celebrated on certain dedicated days. 

Clearco (formerly Clearbanc) reached out to Neha, the powerhouse of SwitchGrocery, to talk about her business and post-partum journey - two very intertwined experiences. Neha started Switch to adopt a healthier lifestyle and assist others with a similar goal along the way. But not everything came easy - through trials and tribulations, motherhood and sacrifice, Neha experienced what it was like to start a business as a new mother.

In this 3-minute video interview, Neha tells us the story behind Switch. It’s not (just) a story of starting a business and those logistic and financial obstacles that come along with it - Switch, at its core, is Neha's narrative; a narrative of motherhood, growing into oneself, and finding power in your own health journey. Neha reflects on the true mission of Switch, how entrepreneurship and motherhood have redefined her understanding and sense of empowerment, and the biggest question of all, “Can women have it all?” 

Neha's biggest takeaway from this interview experience: "Showing up every day to support our customers is what gets me truly excited and frankly also what's been getting me through the pandemic. They help pull me through a tough time and I will never forget it. You showed up with kindness and empathy. I hope I do the same for you. The support you have added to my life during post-partum is something I cannot put into words. You made me feel valued. You made our company feel valued. For that, I am eternally grateful."


Neha's and Hannah Kim's (founder of ai Toronto Seoul) stories were turned into a poem by a beautifully powerful and talented Toronto-based poet, Desiree Mckenzie. We hope you find yourself reflected in this poem and more importantly, that this inspires you to discover and own YOUR story. Our stories are important and they help us figure out who we really are. Discover you first and then share it with people you trust.


Every day is an opportunity to amplify the voices of female entrepreneurs, women in school, stay at home moms, little girls daring to dream big, and any woman (re)discovering and (re)claiming her own narrative. 

Neha founder of SwitchGrocery interview with Clearbanc Clearco International Women's Day

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