The Episode on Side Hustle School: #422 - Private Chef Turns Performance Food Into $30,000/Month Hustle

How the amazing Phat Fudge came to be - Mary, The Paleo Chef on Side Hustle School

Listen to the amazing UNDER 10 minutes story of Phat Fudge and how it came to be! If you want to:

  • know more about the person behind this amazing food that is a Customer Friend favourite
  • the hustle and creativity behind Phat Fudge 
  • anddddd......if you want the Vegan version of Phat Fudge, it's here!

The Episode on Side Hustle School#422 - Private Chef Turns Performance Food Into $30,000/Month Hustle

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Phat Fudge - Vegan has been released and will launch Black Friday (November 22!) 

Ingredients (all organic):  tahini sesame butter,  coconut butter, coconut oil, cacao powder, coconut nectar, ground turmeric, maca powder, ground coffee, ground cinnamon, vanilla bean powder, ground cayenne.

10-12mg caffeine

DAIRY FREE! 6 net carbs! Get more questions answered here




Mary, the founder of Phat Fudge, asked us if Canadians would love to see some Vegan Phat Fudge on SwitchGrocery too!!Phat Fudge Vegan

Phat Fudge Vegan Ingredients and Nutrition


Excerpts from the podcast

  • ”Mary was a California professional who was diagnosed with an auto immune disease.  As she recovered, she created two businesses, one is Phat Fudge. 
  • “She does all of this without investors, without Kickstarter, primarily building trust with her audience, being helpful before selling anything...”

Mary's story  

  • Mary’s health story: “As a child, she never felt truly healthy, was poked and prodded to no avail, nothing every seemed to work.” 
  • Her diagnosis and how she got to it: “Taking matters into her own hands”
  • Adopting a Paleo diet #paleyou
  • Leaving her tech job: became “Paleo Chef - a greater calling than growing tech companies, she wanted to teach people to eat healthy food.”
  • Integrity and trust: “Sharing her successes AND failures OPENLY. Sharing her knowledge freely!”

What is Phat Fudge?

One day, Mary came up with:

  • "a fudge like recipe that would please her clients’ bellies and their diets"
  • "provide instant sustained memory that  also improved focus and memory"
  • Each ingredient was deliberately chosen with those goals in mind
  • real ingredient performance food


How the product came to be 


  • Mary received many requests for Phat Fudge in squeeze packet form. 
  • "In August 2016, Mary went live on Instagram and Periscope and announced the first retail sale of the Original Phat Fudge."
  • This process was repeated until until one sale sold out in ONE SECOND!
  • Mary hand packed 10,000 packers of Phat Fudge! Read more about her story here


Handpacking 10,000 Phat Fudge


Phat Fudge today 

  • For the VERY first large run from a reputable manufacturer, Mary "did not want a loan, and did not want investors and she also did not want to host a kick starter campaign"
  • "I wanted to do this using REAL demand in the form of orders."
  • She used pre-orders from HER customer friends to scale Phat Fudge! 

.....more on the Podcast!  

Phat Fudge - Vegan

You heard me right, Phat Fudge - Vegan is now ready and we got our hands on some because:

- We want to bring this incredible product to Canadians (and myself!)

- We want to support this incredible #eatplaycrush #paleYOU movement that Mary has created

And don't forget, Phat Fudge - Original is back in stock and will also go on sale 🥰 Can’t wait for Black Friday! 


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