4 new launches on SwitchGrocery - Keto Brick, Keto Chow, Farm Girl

Summer Launches - Keto Shakes, Keto Bricks, and Keto Cereal

What a way to end June!!! We have 7 AMAZING new launches

Farm Girl Honey Nut O's Cereal (10% off!)! The made in Canada good for you cereal that brings back amazing memories!

You asked and we're delivering! We are constantly asked to carry more snack options on Switch! 

So we're bringing Farm Girls newest cereal, a made in Canada keto friendly and sugar free Honey Nut O cereal! 

  • Flavour - “Love the crunch - I have them with almond milk or just grabbing a handful for a quick snack. Since I cut out sugars, I personally find they have the right sweetness for me. I'll definitely get them again..”
  • Ingredients that don't include sugar! 
  • Texture: “The perfect texture for your morning bowl of cereal! 
  • Why Farm Girl?  Because they're Made in Canada! Farm Girl is the original Canadian low carb/keto friendly cereal maker in Canada and we are proud to bring their newest cereal to Switch for Canada Day! 


Who should try this - this is for when you're missing that comforting bowl of cereal you loved as a kid. 

If you love a bag of satisfying crunchy snacks, you will love this! 

✅keto friendly ✅ low carb ✅ diabetic-friendly ✅ no seed oil ✅ no sugar  


Keto Brick Banana Muffin!  Smooth, Creamy and delicious banana muffin flavour! 

New Flavour Release! This is one of Keto Brick's most anticipated flavours.  After how popular Blueberry Muffin was at KetoCon 2023, they went even further and created Banana Muffin! 

What does it taste like?  
Banana Muffins! Because of the Macadamia Nut Butter used in this, it's so creamy while not overpowering the Banana muffin flavour!

Why you'll love it? 

This is for you if you love the comforting banana muffin flavour but without all of the other stuff that comes with them! 

 Watch Joe & Rachel from 2KrazyKetos try Keto Brick Banana Nut. 


Keto Chow Strawberry Cream & Vanilla Cream!  

New Flavour Release! Keto Chow has come out with new versions of Strawberry & Vanilla!!!  

What does it taste like?  
These are creamier and an upgrade from the current strawberry and vanilla.

Why you'll love it? 

EARLY REVIEWS - "I did a side by side of the shakes (vanilla vs vanilla cream, and strawberry vs strawberry cream) and they're both leagues different compared to the old formula."

"It's the perfect strawberry flavor imo - as a shake, it tastes similar to the nesquik strawberry milk (are those still available? I haven't seen them since I was a kid) which is pretty nostalgic too. As ice cream 👌 Chef's kiss."

"I like the vanilla cream as ice cream. As a shake it tastes like melted vanilla ice cream (might be a touch too sweet for some, though I've heard adding a pinch of salt helps) and as you might expect as ice cream.... it tastes like good vanilla ice cream."


Watch Chris from Keto Chow introduce Strawberry Cream and Vanilla Cream! 


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