SwitchGrocery is open for business

SwitchGrocery is open for business

We did it! We did it! We are open for business!  


Recap: In August 2023, we decided to pause the company while we work with our US suppliers on labels and a process to sticker what we sell. 


We needed our suppliers to start saying Yes (it's like say yes to the dress, but the dress in point in Canada). Then we need to work on the process and logistics and then finally bring them on to our store! 

We also need to make sure this time around that we are slow, steady and profitable. What this means for you, is we will bring back one brand at a time, in smaller quantities. Our shipping policy is $7.99 flat rate and free over $150. I know that it may be a harder cart with a smaller selection, which is why we kept the flat rate shipping at 7.99.

We decided to have meetings with each owner / founder, one at a time. My heart was racing before these meetings because they had to say yes to Canada - which does require some extra work for them. While we can help them, there is some work they need to do on their own and some dollars they need to invest. 

Kaizen Pasta said yes!

Keto Brick said yes!

JOI said yes! 

The Keto Chow team said yes and they are progressing! There in progress! We expect to bring Keto Chow shakes back in 2024! If you have a flavour that you like, email us at contact@switchgrocery.com or post in our FB group - Switchers

We also have some stock left of baking mixes, oat milk creamer, superfoods and salt, and are running a private sale. We are packing these orders ourselves and we're putting a SwitchGrocery sticker in every box when you order from this sale! Every things we sell from this stock goes directly towards Flip The Switch!

I am back on social media today! I love the What's In & What's Out trend for 2024 versus setting a list of goals! 




 Thank you for being here. Thank you for your support as we Flip The Switch.

 Neha & Bryan

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