This sucks - Keto Chow prices increasing August 5, 2022

This sucks - Keto Chow prices increasing August 5, 2022

This always sucks. Keto Chow's costs have continued to increase over the last few months, they were hit with a 19% increase in April, and another one is coming in the next few weeks.  

The Keto Chow team is also facing ingredient shortages - acacia gum is in small supply. Lecithin comes from Ukraine and helps the Keto Chow mix without clumping. 

Therefore, on August 5, 2022, we will be raising the price of the large bags of Keto Chow by 12.5% for regular and 12% for premium to $134.99 and $139.99 ($6.43 and $6.67 per meal respectively).  The individual meal packets will be going up to $7.99 and $8.49. 

This isn't something we wanted to do, it really sucks.  We recognize that many of our customer friends in Canada use Keto Chow for their day to day nutrition needs and we've tried to keep our prices down as much as possible, and even with this we are continuing to try to do that.  

We will be continuing to offer bundle at discounted prices as well as continuing our flavour of the week.  We are also trying to bring back subscriptions, we had to turn those off for Keto Chow due to a technical issue but are working to get those back available to you as well. 

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