Top 2019 wins and challenges

Top 2019 wins and challenges

Biggest Risk we took

  • We launched in the USA! Celebrated at 6 months pregnant in June 2019 in Austin, Texas, where I got to meet so many wonderful humans
  • The US is a 10x the size of Canada, a huge risk to execute right before the arrival of a baby.
  • We were lucky to be introduced to a fulfillment centre, Big Sky Fulfillment, by our supplier friends, Coco Polo chocolate and Scott at KetoKrate! Big Sky has an incredible friendly team (attention to detail) and a commitment to ugly brown paper and small packaging just like we do.
  • We are so grateful to our first and loved US Customer Friends for giving us a chance! 

Good Dee’s and SwitchGrocery Meetup at KetoCon in Austin, TexasSwitchGrocery and Good Dee’s meetup at Keto Con in Austin, Texas

Most Emotional Moment

  • I got to interview 3 powerful women about their 150 lb weight loss journey at one of our SwitchGrocery Meetups 
  • YouTube video right here. Go to 14:00 to hear Mina say "there is no quick fix" You'll need a tissue.

@mindfulofmina - Mina's tips to start keto low carb journey@keto.cute_eh Sara's tips to start sugar free and a low carb journey@diaryofashrinkingmommy tips to start keto and carnivore journey


Biggest Personal Change 

  • It's hard to separate SwitchGrocery from myself, and so there was the biggest change of all in my life!
  • I had a baby in September 2019. It's hard to explain the first 6 weeks in words - but I felt like I was carried and supported by the Instagram community (and still am) 
  • It is one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences of my life and it has made me a more empathetic and thoughtful small business owner
  • can't wait to see what 2020 brings
  • Has expanded our Happiness team from 1 to 2


Biggest Operational Change

  • We outsourced fulfillment. 
  • What does this mean? who packs your boxes? 
  • I've been working with EShipper as our logistics go to since 2017 (they have software that links in to UPS, Purolator and other providers)
  • EShipper Plus - Think family owned, in love with unsexy brown paper, and better equipped than us to pack smaller boxes (this is what these guys do for a living!). We are even slowly reducing plastic because they have brown paper that protects glass. They have software that proposes smaller box sizes for your orders so the carbon footprint is smaller. They're the experts at fulfillment and frankly, they're just better than us! Plus they support and understand our need to write letters to our Customer Friends :)
  • They're located in Brampton, Ontario (a GTA suburb) which gives us the amazing benefit of meeting their team, meeting the individuals who pack our boxes, and seeing their space. 
  • To be honest, I miss packing boxes. But I know that I will be able to do even more for our Customer Friends in this way and I am really enjoying working with a fulfillment centre.

Eshipper a fulfillment company


Most Unique Interview 

  • Many of our Customer Friends are women! I know a low carb lifestyle has helped so many men and I wanted to do something to understand this journey through a different lens
  • for Father's Day, we featured Mark @hackmyketo, a full time working dad of 2 beautiful girls and he also studies part time! 
  • If you are a dad or know a man in your life who is considering a low carb lifestyle or a life change, read/send them this inspiring blog post inspiring interview with Mark 


transformation tuesday - Marktransformation tuesday - mark lost 100 lbswhat would you say to a father whose considering changing to a keto diet?


Brands we launched 

  • Snacker Yogi - Crunchy and savoury snack made from Puffed Lotus Seeds, a completely edible flower. No inflammatory oils, made with olive oil!
  • Abokichi - a miso paste chilli oil condiment that is made without the allergens and additives often found in similar products in Japan. My personal favourite is on cauliflower rice! 
  • OMG Snacks - delicious bite size cookies with a texture so beautiful, it's difficult to put in words. Made by our very own Oscar from ihackeddiabetes 
  • Keto Bars - small batch delicious bars with ingredients you recognize and trust, the OG keto bar! We even had a surprise launch with Keto Connect x Keto Bar collab - Chocolate covered strawberry keto bars. Coming back permanently on SwitchGrocery in 2020!


Our favourite brands and recipes

  • I'm KIDDING! I would never pick a favourite :) they are all like my children!  

by the numbers, as at December 31, 2020 (I'm an accountant!)


Place Dec 31, 2020 Dec 31, 2019
Google Reviews 101 49
Facebook Reviews  67 49
Product Reviews 2002 858


  • Reviews are how we grow and I am so grateful to you for leaving these for us! I truly appreciate it!101 google reviews (49 last December 31, 2020)! If you'd like to leave us one, please click here
  • 67  facebook reviews (49 last Dec 31, 2020) If you'd like to leave us one, please click here
  • 858 product reviews from Customer Friends on our site!  

My best wishes to you and for you

Wishing you guys an awesome start to 2020! I love reflecting on my highlights, wins and challenges with a meditation.

I think about what it is I am carrying that I don't want to carry in to the New Year (shed, think a heavy backpack) - could be a friendship, a habit, family members, all of the above! 

I find this is an easier question to answer than setting goals and objectives.

Happy New Year you guys! Thanks for sticking with Switch, our small team and me!