Toronto Keto Meetup - September 29, 2017

Toronto Keto Meetup - September 29, 2017

The KETO happened on September 29th, 2017. Please stay tuned for our future events! To know how the event, read our latest blog post: 
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Emphasis: "This is a safe and non-judgmental meet up for people who are following the keto lifestyle! No sales please!"

I'm so excited about this!! It's been two years for me following this lifestyle and also paying more attention to what I eat. Proud to be one of the organizers. 

And as I was working on the description today, I thought maybe we can do more get togethers for the keto and paleo community in Toronto. Bulletproof coffee dates at different coffee shops in Toronto, Grocery haul Meet ups, Potlucks (I think I have a venue we can use in West Toronto!), Grain free lunches, Paleo or Keto holiday dinners, the possibilities are endless! Maybe in different cities across Canada! 

I can make a mean pesto zucchini noodle dish or cauliflower rice!

Meet up organized by:

Instagram handles: @ketoflightattendant @keto_in_to, @fatfuelled, @ketointhesix, and @switchgrocery

Please share the event! Hashtags: #ketomeetup #ketomeetupTO

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