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Support Local and Elevate Your Health with truLOCAL

At SwitchGrocery, we want to bring you the best quality foods that make it easier to live the healthy life you want. That's why we're excited to partner with truLOCAL - a company that believes in supporting local farmers and delivering high-quality food right to your doorstep.

About truLOCAL

truLOCAL is a subscription box that delivers locally sourced meats to customers across Canada. With a focus on convenience, quality, and customization, truLOCAL has become a go-to for people who want to enjoy delicious, healthy meat without the hassle of grocery shopping or worrying about where their food comes from.

Why Shop with truLOCAL

We've asked truLOCAL and other customers and the #1 reason people stick with truLOCAL is the convenience. You can set up an order and never think abouy it again - get your meats delivered right to your door every month.

But convenience and quality aren't the only things that make truLOCAL stand out. Their customization options allow customers to change their box every month, ensuring you always get the meats you want. And by supporting local farmers, truLOCAL is not only delivering quality products but also helping to support local communities.

What makes truLOCAL stand out?

truLOCAL was one of the first online meat delivery Companies in Canada, they were the original and they still do it the best.  They also have an amazing selection of meats, whether it's organic, grass fed, wild caught fish and more.  By sourcing meats direct from local farmers in Ontario, Alberta and BC, truLOCAL is able to make sure you get the highest quality freshest meat while supporting local. 

truLOCAL's Premium Meat Selection

different meats from trulocal

truLOCAL offers a huge selection of high quality meat products sourced from local farmers in Ontario and Alberta. 

Here are some of their most popular options:

From Ontario:

  • Sugar & Nitrate Free Bacon: Made from free-range pork and cured with natural ingredients for a delicious and healthy breakfast option.
  • Ribeye Steaks: Hand-cut and grass-fed, offering a flavorful and tender dining experience.
  • Grass-Fed and Grass-Finished Bone Broth: Made from the bones of 100% grass-fed and grass-finished cattle, this broth is perfect for boosting your immune system and supporting your overall health.

From Alberta:

What about the cost?

Just like everything today, food costs have gone up.  truLOCAL has made an effort to keep prices stable because you spend enough.  With the option to change the contents your box monthly and change your delivery timing, this customization is a huge benefit to make sure you can make the most delicious foods. 

What customers have to say about truLOCAL

Check our what others think: 

"The meat is top-notch and the customer service is even better. I love that I can customize my box and change my subscription as needed."

"The quality of the meat is amazing and it's so convenient to have it delivered right to my door.”

truLOCAL is a great option for Canadians looking for high-quality, locally sourced meat delivered right to their doorstep and we are so excited to partner with them to introduce more Canadian's to this awesome company!

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