Warehouse Move on SwitchGrocery Canada 2022

Update on SwitchGrocery's Warehouse Move

Dear Customer Friends,

We are pausing shipping for 1 week from July 21st to 28th, as we complete our massive inventory count, transition into a new system with lot codes and best before dates, AND a move. I'm so sorry to share that it's taking some extra time for us to do it ONCE and properly. 

We're an online grocery store and food is a necessity and we do not take pausing shipping lightly. We have SO appreciated your orders and your support during this count. Since our team copes with humour, we created a code called countingishard which is effective until Thursday, July 28th. This will get you 10% off.  

For extra savings, I would start with our sale section below. 


Please email us at contact@switchgrocery.com if you have any questions and come join our private Facebook Group - which is all of our amazing customers in one place!  

Thank you so much!

Neha & the SwitchGrocery Team

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