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What is a pili nut? Where do pili nuts come from? Launching Eat Pili Nuts on SwitchGrocery Canada!

We are so proud to bring to our Canadian customer friends - the Pili Nut!

And our newest launches in Canada are:

Lion's Mane Pili Nut Butter - Fungi Fuel

Raw Cacao Pili Nut Butter - Superfood Fuel

12 oz or 340 gm Pili Nut Butter Jar (25% savings bulk discount - more butter!)

Eat Pili Nut Butter Fungi Fuel with Lions Mane Keto4oz_Pili Nut Butter_CacaoFront_400x


What are pili nuts?

- "beyond being delicious, the nut is also a nutritional powerhouse, just edging out cashews and almonds for the highest magnesium content of any nut. A single ounce contains 86 milligrams of magnesium, or 20 percent of the recommended daily intake for adults." - Read more here in the Vogue  

- Low in carbs and net carbs and super friendly for a ketogenic diet!

- Grain and gluten free and harvested from the wild, making it super friendly for a paleo diet!

- If that wasn't enough, it's also vegan, non GMO and gluten free

Where do pili nuts come from? 

The Pili nut (pronounced “peel-y”) is a rich, buttery tree nut, wild harvested from deep in the Filipino rainforest.

- Taste: buttery! between a macadamia nut and a cashew, but with a stronger, more tender flavor. 

Shop Original and Coconut Oil Pili Nuts on SwitchGrocery

- What the heck is sprouted and activated? 12 hour soak in salt water and dehydration allows the body to access nutrients inside much more easily!

- Impact on the environment AND how does this nut come to be: Unlike all other widely available nuts, Pili nuts are grown without any destruction of the natural environment. Hunter Gatherer Pili nuts are harvested by hand from wild stands in the mountains of the Filipino rainforest. Local villagers gather nuts by climbing up tall trees and shaking down ripe Pili fruit to the forest floor. They then soak each fruit in water to reveal the hard nut buried inside, and shell every nut by hand with a single strike of a sharp machete. The entire gathering process is carried out with the same traditional strategy that Filipinos have have been using for hundreds of years– respecting the health of the rainforest and of local people.

Pili Nut - stages






- Why isn't it organic? Wild Pili trees are free of pesticides, chemical fertilizers, and genetic modifications, there is no way to certify these conditions about a tree growing naturally deep in the mountains. 

Who is Jason Thomas?

- Jason Thomas is the founder of Hunter Gatherer Foods! He is an adventurer at heart and in life! Follow pili nuts on Instagram to see all his adventures!

- He was the first to bring the pili nut to the mainstream. And, it was NOT easy! 

- He operates his business with values of sustainability and community and is completely transparent about where the pili nut comes from!

 - One of the first conversations we had, he insisted on the values of honesty and appreciating customers. Some companies talk about this, but he really lives it. Read this letter introducing the Vogue article where he thanks his customers.  


Why is the pili nut $7.99 per bag? It seems a little expensive! Can you do anything about this? Why are the butters $19.99-$20.99 per jar?

Good question. This is why we felt like it was important to tell the story (see above) about how this pili nut came to be in your hands. We source directly from Jason's company to keep the price at what it is. This is our introductory price so Canadians can try a bag at a time. 

We have launched a new sampler for $3.99, if you would like to try it before buying the larger bags! Also, we have introduced a travel pili nut butter for $4.99!

If you love pili nuts the way we do at SwitchGrocery, let us know with your orders and your feedback! We can create bundles and trial packs which would help us reduce the price. 

 What's with this long write up? I don't like reading! Where's the Pili Nuts podcast at?

Glad you asked! Jason recommends:


Jimmy of the Livin' La Vida Low Carb Show (what a fun name) talks with Jason about his fascinating story of traveling the world, discovering the keto diet, fasting to overcome health issues and of course the wonderful Pili Nut.


Ashleigh Vanhouten talks with Jason about the route he took to finding his passion and founding his company is definitely special. Quotes:

“These guys literally risk their lives to get the nuts out of the tree.” — @eatpilinuts [0:14:48.1]

“I’m just some dude that found a nut, started selling it and here I am.” — @eatpilinuts [0:28:48.1]


We are SO EXCITED! Shop here on SwitchGrocery for pili nuts!

Visit for https://eatpilinuts.com/ more info! 



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