Keto Starbucks strawberry funnel cake Frappuccino

Keto Strawberry Funnel Cake Frappuccino 

The new “it” drink from Starbucks turned Keto-friendly and with no added sugar! The original Starbucks Funnel cake–flavored drink is blended milk and ice, layered with strawberry puree, whipped cream and powdered-sugar-funnel-cake pieces. Did we forget to mention it has 53g of carbs and 51g of sugar?!

We took this recipe and made a Keto starbucks drink that is going to rival the sugary original. With our version of the Starbucks Strawberry Funnel Cake Frappuccino, there is only 10g of carbs (4g net) and 2g of sugar! This is going to be our new drink for summer to keep things low carb and sugar free. Check out this easy recipe below. 

Servings: 1 | Prep time: 10 minutes | Total time: 15 minutes 


1 serving Strawberry Keto Chow

2 tbsp heavy cream

400ml cold water

1 tbsp Good Good Brand Strawberry Jam

4-5 drops Cake Batter extract

Optional Whipped Topping:

¼ cup heavy cream

1 tsp granular sweetener

1 tsp Good Good Brand Strawberry Jam 


  1. Add 1 serving of Keto Chow to a blender bottle with water, cream, and extract
  2. Shake until powder is dissolved and set in the fridge for a few hours or overnight
  3. In a separate cup, drizzle Strawberry Jam on the inside of the cup using a piping bag or a ziploc bag with one corner cut to pipe out the jam
  4. Pour shae mixture into the cup
  5. For the whipped topping, combine cream and sweetener to a bowl and beat with a hand mixer until fluffy 
  6. Pipe (or dollop) whipped cream on top of the shake and drizzle with additional jam

Macros (without whipped topping):

Servings: 1 | Calories: 228  | Net Carb: 4g | Total Fat: 10g | Total Carb: 10g | Fiber: 6g | Protein: 27g

Nutritional and macronutrient information may vary slightly depending on brands/ingredients used. 


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