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Sugar Free, Keto Friendly Banana Popsicles

Remember the good old days of enjoying a popsicle on a hot, sunny day️? Well I do and I missed them! I hadn’t been able to find a Keto- friendly popsicle, so I figured if I can’t find it, MAKE IT! These were too easy to make and very low carb with no added sugars. Using our favourite low carb meal replacement from Keto Chow, these popsicles will have you set for summer!

Servings: 12 | Prep time: 5 minutes | Total time: 2 hours (includes freeze time)


  • 1 single serving Keto Chow (Banana)
  • 300 mL water
  • 100 mL cream
  • 5-10 drops yellow food colouring (optional for colour)


  1. Add in Keto Chow, water, cream and food colouring
  2. Shake it up in a blender bottle and pour into popsicle molds
  3. Let them freeze completely and then enjoy!


Servings: 12  | Calories: 38 | Net Carb: 1g | Total Fat: 3g | Total Carb: 1g | Fiber: 0.5g | Protein: 2g

Nutritional and macronutrient information may vary slightly depending on brands/ingredients used. 


  • Not a fan of banana? Try any of the other Keto Chow flavours like Strawberry, Chocolate, or Raspberry Cheesecake
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