Sugar Free, Low Carb Waffles

Sugar Free, Low Carb Waffles

These keto-friendly, low carb waffles are just the kind of fluffy goodness you’ve been craving! This is an easy keto breakfast idea that even non low carbers will devour. We wanted to get extra so we even candied some pecans for an added crunch. Follow the step by step instructions below to re-create this yummy sugar free and keto-friendly recipe!

Servings: 8 | Prep time: 10 minutes | Total time: 30 minutes



Candied Pecans

  • ¼ cup whole pecans
  • 2 tbsp of butter
  • 2 tbsp of heavy cream
  • 1 tsp of granular sweetener


  1. Whisk eggs, ghee, cream, and vanilla together
  2. In a large bowl, add mix and wet ingredients and blend until you have smooth consistency
  3. Heat a waffle iron and grease well before pouring mixture 
  4. Remove from iron and let cool slightly before consuming

Candied Pecans

  1. Melt butter and slowly add in cream and sweetener on medium heat until slightly golden
  2. Add in pecans and stir continuously until well coated
  3. Turn heat down to low and continue to stir so that coating covers pecans

Macros (Waffle Mix Only):

Servings: 8 | Calories: 250 | Net Carb: 4g | Total Fat: 20g | Total Carb: 6g | Fiber: 2g | Protein: 14g

Nutritional and macronutrient information may vary slightly depending on brands/ingredients used. 

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