iHeart Fat Fudge

iHeart Fat Fudge Fudge Squares are the perfect low carb keto friendly fudge square! 

iHeart Fat Fudge Tasting Pack
iHeart Fat Fudge Tasting Pack


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iHeart Fat Fudge was created after the founder went through health issues and learned about the impacts of sugar on our bodies.  As a result, iHeart Fat Fudge was born! These delicious, handcrafted fudge squares use clean, natural ingredients and are perfect for those on a keto or diabetic diet, or if you just want to reduce sugar in your life! 

iHeart Fat fudge squares (aka fat bombs) are guilt-free indulgences made with healthy fats to give you a boost of energy throughout the day. Eat one to cut a craving or eat two (or three) to curb your hunger!