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Keto Chow - Eggnog Shake (21 serving bag)

Pretty good

Didn't have as strong an Apple taste as I was expecting, but still good. A once in a while flavor for me.

Cheesy Cracker Biscuits

Love these with some shredded cheddar added to the mix. My fav.

Great Product for Diabetics.

After years of being diabetic my husband switched to a keto diet and is now off all medications and has a normal HA1c. One of the things he has missed at Christmas is egg nog, so when I saw your ad I thought I would give it a try. He thinks it is fantastic, and so do I.


Love it. Added sugar free salted Carmel syrup yummy.

Sooo good!

This is my favourite so far. I have it with my morning coffee mixed in, like a eggnog latte. I will be sad when I run out and have to wait until next Christmas season.

Total Game Changer

I've been hesitant to try a meal replacement shake in the past, but I'm so happy I gave keto chow a try. It fits with my macros perfectly, and it is the perfect addition to my daily routine. At first I was mixing with butter to add my fast, but just started experimenting, and added peanut butter to the shake. It's to die for! Definitely worth the price!!!!!

Good pricing

Absolutely Awesome

I have made a couple of large orders for different KetoChow. I love that I can make a couple of days ahead of time. I have not found one flavour that I didn't like, they are all amazing. I am not a breakfast eater so KetoChow is filling my needs perfectly. Thank you so very much

Love the taste!

It was simply delicious! I may have added too much of the melted butter in my blender, but having it in the fridge overnight made a big difference! Kept me full for a good 4 hours without snacking! (Added a touch of hazelnut and it was PERFECT.)


I tried out the Good Dee's muffins and they are a big hit in my house! Everyone including my dad who is diatetic loves the taste!
I am definitely making more orders soon. Owner-Neha is friendly and customer service is exceptional.

Ruth - Chocolate Mint Shakes

Very tasty.

Ruth - Sunflower Bread

Enjoyed this bread very much but I think it's pricey for the package only making 1 loaf


Mocha is a great flavor to add things too.. I find I like it better then regular chocolate!

Easy to Make Chai Latte

There's no question this is easy to make, and it only has 1 carb. However, I find the price very steep when I can make a chai tea latte reasonably easily. The taste doesn't 'wow' like the hot chocolate version does. So while it's a good product and I will certainly finish the bag, I probably won't buy it again.

Absolutely Delicious Hot Chocolate!

I LOVE this product. So easy to make, 0 carbs, tastes great. Alas, it is expensive but so worth it!

Keto chow

It is very flavorful and will please everyone

Keto Chow - Chocolate Toffee Shake (Single Serving)


I bought the season special, gave the strawberry to my mom. She loved it, had me order 3 more right away.

Almond Nutmilk base

I really wanted to love this product, it tasted fine and the idea of it is fantastic but i found it didn't stay mixed and left a grit at the bottom of every drink.


Happy with my purchases and will place another order

Mild apple taste

Pleasant, mild apple taste. Give it a try.

I didn’t like it but maybe others would...

Unsatisfactory Checkout experience

During checkout, I was not able to enter the first-time order discount code, and was not able to preview shipping costs prior to submitting order. As a result, what what I expected to be an order in the range of $25 ended up being over $40. I would not have have proceeded with this order knowing this. I sent an email immediately after the order processed, and haven't heard from you until now. Poor checkout design, and even poorer customer service. I would definitely NOT recommend you to anyone.

Good stuff

I add 15 drops to a 500 ml glass of water every morning. I like the subtle salt water taste and it does the job.