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Keto Chow - Irish Cream
Charity B. (Cornwall, Canada)
This is amazing with some instant Coffee

I had my first one cold with Tim Horton's Instant coffee for Saint Patrick's Day and was surprised and Delighted with this sensational shake.

Keto Chow - Blueberry Pie
Charity B. (Cornwall, Canada)
A sweet treat

If you enjoy a sweet sensation this will do the trick for sure.

Keto Chow - Pistachio
Casandra W. (Toronto, Canada)
My fav flavour!

This is one of my top picks! So creamy and true to flavour.

Keto Brick - Mint Chocolate
Sylvain M. (Greater Sudbury, Canada)
Bad taste

Bad taste.

Keto Brick - Chocolate Malt
Anonymous (Greater Sudbury, Canada)
Not bad

Not bad taste, good low carb snack.

Keto Brick - Mint Chocolate
Leanne K. (Toronto, Canada)
Delicious Chocolate with a hint of mint

It’s a wonderful chocolate flavour with a hint of mint. It’s not overwhelming and doesn’t feel like you’ve just brushed your teeth with mint toothpaste. It’s a delicious fresh mint taste. It’s my favourite and I can use it in my baking or for a chocolate craving fix!


These are so delicious. Only issue is that they've been sold out for a month now 😞

Keto Brick - Milk and Cookies
Casandra W. (Oakville, Canada)

These are good. The only thing I'm finding is some bricks are extremely hard... Which makes them impossible to eat.

Mr. Tortilla - Pico de Gallo, 24 pack
Trevor (Montreal, Canada)

Great taste and perfect wrap for keto

Ooh la la!

Ziti?! You got to be kidding me! All that space to absorb the saaaauuceee!!

Great option!

High protein and low carb! Whats not to love! Love that when I want it I’ve got a low carb option!

Keto Bars - Mint Chocolate
J.Y. (Holualoa, United States)
Filling and refreshing!

These bars are surprisingly tasty and satisfying. The mint is cooling in the mouth. A good meal replacement on the run.

Keto Chow - Lemon Meringue
Gail (Pembroke, Canada)
Lemon cheesecake!

I purchased this before and loved it This time I tried it with a little cream cheese in it! So good!

Keto Chow - Snickerdoodle
Jessica H. (Cochrane, Canada)
So delicious !

The snickerdoodle keto shake is so delicious you won’t believe it is a keto shake! So rich and creamy! I highly recommend it!

Keto Brick - Milk and Cookies
Suzanne P. (Montreal, Canada)
Very good.

Very satisfied. If you like the salty-sweet taste, you will love this. (no sugar)

Keto Chow - Chocolate Toffee
Gail (Pembroke, Canada)

Love this combination! Perfect amount of toffee flavour So good! My top 3

Keto Chow - Salted Caramel
Grant W. (Sherwood Park, Canada)
The best keto chow flavour

This is the top flavour!! Made with butter. It is the best!!!!!

Keto Chow - Banana
Grant W. (Sherwood Park, Canada)
Banana Keto Chow is good

Delicious. Good taste and not too sweet

Blume - Blue Lavender Blend - Running Low
Julie L. (Peterborough, Canada)
LOVE this

Creamy dreamy pick me up with a fabulous original taste

KaiZen Low Carb High Protein Pasta - Ziti, 226g
Julie L. (Peterborough, Canada)
Amazing product

The answer to all our pasta wishes. LOVE this low carb protein packed wonder!

Keto Chow - Caramel Macchiato
Suzanne L. (Winnipeg, Canada)
Gave it s Shot

I said I would try the sampler bundle because I am new to this product and I hate ALL meal replacement powder out there. I got my bundle yesterday and decided to make it with no carb 35% whipping cream and warm water and put it in the fridge. I didn’t think it would turn out “milkshakey” meaning thick like a shake. I was shocked, shocked I tell you. This is in a different league altogether. This is a superb product. I have to admit, the cream is a bit rich so next time I will try warm coffee and coconut oil. Truly, I am very impressed and I will spread the word.

Keto Brick - Tasting Pack
Kelly M. (Hamilton, Canada)
Terrible taste

Both of these bricks are so gross I couldn’t even eat more than one bite. They are bitter, grainy, big pieces of salt in my teeth feels like sand/grit. Pretty upset that I paid that much money for something I won’t be using. They smell amazing but taste absolutely vile. I did get ones past their expiry date but I doubt that would have altered the taste that much. I wanted to love these because they are perfect for what I wanted them for but I guess I’ll have to keep searching and maybe make my own.

Keto Chow - Banana
Karen B. (Brockville, Canada)
So tasty!

I love the banana Keto Chow as a pudding, I put one scoop of bloomed beef gelatin in with the butter, warm water and Keto Chow, it’s so good!

Keto Chow - Chocolate Mint
Karen B. (Brockville, Canada)
Very good!

I made this chocolate mint into ice cream and it was heavenly!

Keto Chow Chocolate
Jane D. (North Bay, Canada)
No Wonder It is Number 1!

I have been using Keto Chow for ages and love all the non-fruity flavours like Chocolate Toffee, Irish Cream, Eggnog, etc. Don't know why I hadn't tried Chocolate. Absolutely the best. Tastes like a rich chocolate milkshake. I find I use it for drinks the most.