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Awesome and easy!!

Great coffee flavour without all the fuss! I make up my favourite Joi Cashew and add in the coffee. Great either hot or cold!! Really nice flavour with ability to make it either super dark and strong or just a bit less to suit your own tastes.

Super crisp and cheese!!

Better than those other crackers that claim to have great cheese flavour, these actually have great cheese!! We used them over Christmas as some of the treats we were using to snack on with our favourite artichoke bean dip and I can definitely recommend them!!

Keto Chow - Eggnog
V.H. (Cold Lake, Canada)
Christmas in a Cup

This is a very well done eggnog flavour. It has just the right amount of spice, not overpowering like some eggnog can be. It is great warm on a cold day while you are snuggled on the couch with your favourite book.

Keto Chow - Orange Mango
V.H. (Cold Lake, Canada)
Surprisingly Good

I like oranges but I usually hate anything orange flavoured. I decided to give this a try hoping the mango would be present enough to make this enjoyable. I was pleasantly surprised! The mango was a great pairing with the orange and made a very refreshing fruity treat. While it is not my favourite, it is still good and will order it occasionally. I could not drink this everyday but if you like orange flavoured anything, you will love this.

Keto Chow - Chocolate
V.H. (Cold Lake, Canada)
Chocolaty Goodness.

Rich chocolate taste without being overly sweet or bitter. The chocolate flavour comes through no matter how you make it. It is delightful as a cold shake, delicious as a hot drink and delectable as an ice cream. If you are trying Keto Chow for the first time, be sure to put this in your first order, you will fall in love with this one and will want to make sure you have a good stock of it so you don't run out.

Keto Chow - Banana
V.H. (Cold Lake, Canada)
Going bananas for KC banana!

The banana flavour is great on its own (it tastes like banana cream pie) but this is one of the most versatile Keto Chow flavours. There are so many great combinations that you can use the banana flavour with. Chocolate/banana, chocolate peanut butter/banana, snickerdoodle/banana (banana bread), banana/strawberry, banana/salted caramel, banana/toffee and banana/eggnog. If you are looking for a big bag that you can pair with other flavours, this is a great choice. Give it a try on its own or mixed with one of the other great Keto Chow flavours. Your tastebuds will never be bored.

Keto Chow - Chocolate Peanut Butter
V.H. (Cold Lake, Canada)
A Perfect Balance!

A perfect balance of rich chocolate ice cream and just the right amount of peanut butter. This is the BEST version of chocolate and peanut butter. So scrumptious, your mouth will explode with sensory overload! If you are a peanut butter fan and you love chocolate TRY THIS!!!!

Farm Girl - Chocolate Nut Based Cereal
A L. (Port Hope, Canada)
It's my new favorite

I have tried a few different types of low carb cereal n granolas. I've only tried the chocolate farm girl so far, and it's a win. Not sure what's different then the other brands but this is delicious. I just eat it dry, great snack for on the go.

Keto Chow - Irish Cream
Ronny (Toronto, Canada)
So Versatile

Truly enjoyed my keto chow by making ice cream, shakes and baking. It is very filling and my whole family enjoys it

Thank you sooo much for your review, Ronny! Its amazing to hear your whole family is enjoying Keto Chow :) Its so versatile and can be used in so many ways, happy to hear y'all are enjoying it in baking as well!

Keto Chow Classic Sample Pack
Nathalia P. (Ajax, Canada)
Pleasantly Surprised!

Keto Chow is a delicuous addition to the keto lifestyle. I'm pretty new to the keto diet and this product has helped me greatly with my eating plan. The variety of meal replacements makes it interesting and they're very flavourful. The brand website was also helpful in assisting me with a suggested daily caloric intake and how to cater the drink to my specific needs. For anyone interested, I suggest you check this out.

Thank you soo much for your review, Nathaila! I am so happy to hear Keto Chow is supporting you on your heath journey :)

Burlap & Barrel - Royal Cinnamon
AK (Calgary, Canada)
This is a TREAT

I have honestly never tasted cinnamon this good in my life. It has a natural sweetness and a smoothness about it. I like to put some in the coffee maker as the coffee is perking. I dip apple slices in it. I sprinkle it on chickpeas. I had originally wanted to purchase the small bottle but it was sold out, so I went for the big one. No regrets, it was the right thing to do! This will be my cinnamon of choice for the rest of my life!

Thank you SOOO much for this amazing review, AK! I am so happy to hear you are loving the Burlap & Barrel cinnamon! Sprinkling it on chickpeas sounds awesome and now I have to try it :) Enjoy the big jar :)


I loved these...they are perfect for tacos or rollups. I have made tuna melts with these....delicious and I have cut them up and used them as nacho chips. They aren't that big, and I love that I can have as many or as little depending on my carb allowance. Still, I hope at some point they have a three carb one for sandwiches. I love the flavour they add to whatever you choose to put on them.

Thank you sooo much on your review on Mr. Tortilla, AK! I love how you've used it in so many recipes. I enjoy them as nacho chips as well :) The flavour is delicious and I am so glad yo hear you are loving it!

Mr. Tortilla - 3 Amigos Tasting Bundle
Heather G. (Lower Sackville, Canada)
Will buy again

They are small but tasty. Yummy tacos or fold over wraps. I'll be buying more once I'm out. The spicy ones got a little kick!!

Thank you sooo much for your review, Heather! So happy to hear you are enjoying the 3 chiles Mr. Tortilla :)

Abokichi - Curry Miso
Sherron (Saskatoon, Canada)
Excellent product and service

I love the Curry Miso and use it daily. Switch had a problem with their order and sent an email to explain why it would be late. They even removed the cost of shipping to make up for the delay. It wasn't necessary as it was something beyond their control, but I thought it showed integrity and was appreciated. The personal touch matters.

Thank you SOOO much for your awesome review. Sherron! I am so glad you were able to get your hands on the curry miso and enjoyed it too. Really appreciate you acknowledging our Customer Service as well :) thank you!!

Keto Chow - Chocolate Mint
Jennifer S. (Brantford, Canada)
Like a frozen Andes mint

I make these with just a few less oz of water than usual, and pop the blender bottle into the freezer for 45 minutes before drinking. Soooo good.
As with most of my shakes, I use 1/4 or 1/3 of a stick of unsalted butter, 1/2 cup of unsweetened vanilla almond milk, and warm water to the desired fill level.
The colour is a little off-putting, so I make sure to use a dark coloured blender bottle rather than a clear one. 😂

Thank you sooo much for your review on Keto Chow Chocolate Mint, Jennifer!! I am sooo glad you are enjoying this shake with butter, almond milk and vanilla!! Thank you for sharing your recipe :)

Keto Chow Holiday Bundle
Denise A. (Saskatoon, Canada)
Keto chow

They are very good ! Would buy again, if have in stock. Seems alot are out of stock

Thank you sooo much for your review on the holiday bundle, Denise! I am happy to hear you are enjoying it. We are waiting for the shipment to arrive and it should be back in stock sometime this week :)

Keto Chow - Gingerbread
Jeanne R. (Toronto, Canada)
I love ketochow.

This was a flavor that surprised me. I wasn't sure if I would love the gingerbread flavor but I should have known I would. The only flavor I've had that I'm not crazy about is cookies and cream. But it's okay mixed in with other flavors.

Thank you sooo much for your review, Jeanne! So happy to hear you are enjoying the gingerbread flavour :) Keto Chow has so many flavours there is always something for everyone. Its great you are able to enjoy cookies and cream as well by mixing it with other flavours :)

Keto Chow - Irish Cream
Jeanne R. (Toronto, Canada)
Love it

I love all flavors of ketochow

Thank you sooo much for your review, Jeanne! So happy to hear you are enjoying all the keto chow flavours :)

Keto Chow - Strawberry
Colleen D. (Calgary, Canada)

So good! I’m down 30 lbs because of strawberry keto chow. It’s delicious

Thank you sooo much for your review on Strawberry Keto Chow, Colleen! I am happy to hear it has helped you in your health journey :)

Keto Chow - Gingerbread
Lisa (Calgary, Canada)
Pretty good!

Enjoyed the flavour for an occasional change of taste!

Thank you soo much for taking the time to leave a review, Lisa! Glad you are enjoying the flavour :)

Keto Bars - Chocolate Peanut Butter
Lisa (Calgary, Canada)

Quite enjoyed this flavour! Good for a mid afternoon craving!

Thank you sooo much for your review, Lisa! So happy to hear you are enjoying this flavour and it curbs your afternoon craving!

Keto Chow - Gingerbread
V.H. (Cold Lake, Canada)

I absolutely adore this flavour. I have had good gingerbread and awful gingerbread. This is better than good, it is great. The spices are well balanced and not overpowering. It makes the most amazing ice cream. I am not a huge gingerbread fan but I am a super fan of this flavour. I hope that more comes in stock, I would love to order more.

Thank you sooo much for this review on the Gingerbread flavour, Val! Happy to hear this is the GREAT gingerbread flavour you've come across :) It sounds delicious as an ice-cream! It should be back in stock within the next week as well!

Olive Nation Orange Extract - 4oz
Andrea (Port Moody, Canada)
Wonderful orange flavour !

I made italian almond-orange cookies, it gave a real orange aroma and taste. Excellent product.

Thank you sooo much for this review, Andrea! Italian almond-orange cookies sound delicious :) Glad the orange extract was the perfect addition to your baking!

Keto Chow - Salted Caramel
Trina G. (London, Canada)
Soooo yummy!

Salted caramel was my very first favourite keto chow but now I also like raspberry cheesecake & chocolate peanut butter! I love to add avocado to every shake for my fat source yum

Thank you sooo much for your review on Salted Caramel, Trina! I am so happy to hear you are enjoying so many flavours of Keto Chow. Salted Caramel is definitely a customer favourite. I haven't tried adding avocado as a source of fat before but it sounds like a great way to make the shake extra thick and creamy with added nutrients too :) thanks for the idea!

Keto Chow - Raspberry Cheesecake
Trina G. (London, Canada)
One of my favs!

I love raspberry cheesecake, chocolate peanut butter & salted caramel flavours the most! It’s definitely a few of their best and I’ve tried almost every one.

Trina-- thank you soo much for another wonderful review! Raspberry cheesecake is my favourite keto chow flavour! Also really good as an ice-cream and mixed with the chocolate flavour :) So glad you are enjoying it too!