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Keto Brick - Nootropic Icing
Sandy L. (Mount Uniacke, Canada)
Another good flavour

Something a little different, but still really good.

Keto Brick - Buttered Maple Pecan
Sandy L. (Mount Uniacke, Canada)
A good flavour

A good flavour overall. I really like how you can melt the bars down and reshape in molds.

Legit Bread - Challah Bread
Anonymous (Toronto, Canada)
Too bad you stopped carrying it.

I love this challah mix. I ordered four packages from you last month but not that you decided to stop carrying it, I had to start ordering from the US. I wish you would continue to carry the product. Tons of people are depending on gluten/grain-free challah. You told me there was a decrease in baking since the pandemic. Totally not true… in fact, there has actually been an increase in baking.

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Keto Chow - Cookies and Cream
Lisa D. (Belleville, Canada)
Was good, could use more oreo

Nice flavour, but I like more oreo flavour, so I add some black cocoa, and voila!

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Keto Chow - Chocolate Toffee
Lisa D. (Belleville, Canada)
Takes me back

The toffee flavour reminds me of Jello butterscotch pudding that I used to have as a kid. Great on its own, and amazing combined with chocolate peanut butter...

Keto Brick - Buttered Maple Pecan
Jacqueline W. (Kitchener, Canada)
Ordered them Again

This flavour is so amazing I had to order me 6 more bars! I take the large brick and melt it into smaller portions. I keep them in my freezer and grab them usually when I am running out the door and don’t have time to grab a bite to eat or want a little something healthy with me.

Keto Brick - Buttered Maple Pecan
Tan (Mississauga, Canada)

I've been enjoying Keto Bricks for a dew years and love that we're now able to purchase them in Canada!
This flavour is delicious! It's soft, and perfect for melting into smaller portions.

Keto Brick - Nootropic Icing
john m.g. (Montreal, Canada)

surprise in good way by this product,thumbs up all the way.

Nutty Deliciousness

The milk chocolate hazelnut bar is my absolute favorite! It is packed full of hazelnuts so you get a piece in every single bite. The chocolate is Rich, smooth and creamy. What more can you ask for?

Keto Chow Electrolyte Drops
Franci G. (Victoria, Canada)
Love these!!

Great product! I'd suggest getting the mid size dropper bottle so you have a simple way to measure how much to add to your water bottles. Going forward, I'll buy the large bottles as refills. There is no taste to me. It kind of just 'mellows' the water. It's not flavored and won't break your fasted state.

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Keto Chow - Black Licorice
Lisa D. (Belleville, Canada)
Not my cup of tea.

I felt it was better than the red but still not for me. Won't order again.

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Keto Chow - Red Licorice
Lisa D. (Belleville, Canada)
Not a fan

I didn't really like this one. They say it tastes like red vines, but I've never had one. It wasn't offensive, but won't order it again.

Keto Chow - Pistachio
Marci (Calgary, Canada)
Freakin delicious!

Have not found a flavour I dont love!!They are so good and keep you full forever~this one and lemon meringue are my fave!

KaiZen Low Carb High Protein Pasta, 226g
Linda G. (Corner Brook, Canada)

I would give this pasta 5 stars, but I don’t want to say too many nice things because I want to order 10 bags when it comes back in stock and before it sells out again.

Keto Chow - Caramel Macchiato
Susan (Ottawa, Canada)
Yum in a cup.

I mix it sometimes just with cold water and let it rest in the fridge for an hour. Tastes delicious. Sometimes I mix it with my morning coffee and a dash of cream, a great way to start the day.

Buster Rhinos Sugar Free Ketchup
Franci G. (Victoria, Canada)
Husband approved!

This is a very good price point/value compared to Primal Kitchen ketchup at almost double the price! Love that they use stevia and no oil. Even though I make my own (with the exact same ingredients!) my old-school 'Heintz Ketchup guy' likes to pour it out of a bottle. LOL!

Keto Bars - Mint Chocolate
Jacqueline W. (Brantford, Canada)
Favourite Flavour

The whole family loves these and you can use them as a crust for no-bake cheesecake too!

Keto Chow - Root Beer Float
Karen B. (Brockville, Canada)
Very good

Root beer Keto Chow is very good, I have it once I awhile for something different.

Keto Chow - Snickerdoodle
Karen B. (Brockville, Canada)
Love this Keto Chow

Snickerdoodle will be my next big bag, it’s so good!!

Keto Chow Classic Sample Pack
Nesrine (St. Albert, Canada)
Not what I expected

The flavours are not very tasty, it has chalky taste and they don’t dissolve easy, I was disappointed

Keto Chow - Mocha
Karen B. (Brockville, Canada)

I like the Mocha as pudding, I add a scoop of gelatin to my shake and it’s very filling.

Keto Chow - Gingerbread
Karen B. (Brockville, Canada)
Love it

I really like the gingerbread, I add a little nutmeg to it and make it into ice cream.

KaiZen Low Carb High Protein Pasta, 226g
SUSAN Y. (Winnipeg, Canada)
Pasta Lover's delight

I have tried various Keto friendly pasta with no real luck in taste and texture. I LOVE KaiZen! It has the taste and texture of wheat pasta without the carbs. I actually love it so much I ate the whole bag in one sitting! (Probably not the best idea) Totally recommend this product.

Good Dee’s Chocolate Brownie Mix
Cathy S. (100 Mile House, Canada)

Super easy to make, and after one bite, super easy to eat!!

KaiZen Low Carb High Protein Pasta, 226g
Elizabeth (Cobourg, Canada)
Love this pasta

Tried this pasta for the first time. And I really liked it. I made a keto friendly cheese sauce and used the whole package. I divided it into 5 portions and froze them. Turned out great. I did cook the pasta a little longer. This tastes like a whole wheat pasta. Very filling. Would definitely recommend.