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Brownie mix

Haven't had Chan e to try yet but I'm sure it will be good😊

Really like these with a few blueberries!

Seasonal product that I waited to return in the spring. I add some blueberries, and always keep a few in the freezer for either breakfast, or an evening snack.

Horrible horrible

This is horrible and taste like chemicals somehow, I don't how anyone could ever like this. Save your money and try some homemade recipes at home. All in the garbage!

Reminiscent of Strawberry Ice Cream

Tried single serving with cream as my fat. Also cut back on the amount of water to give it more of a pudding feel.

One of the better flavours! So far, none of the flavours blew my skirt up... as they seem to be more of a “essence” then flavor.

Would I buy again: Yes
How to consume: Pudding-like
(Even added chai seeds to thicken it right up!)

Rising problem

The bread tasted good but it didn’t rise like pictures in your advertisement. I followed directions. My sandwich was very small measures 2 inches high!!
Please let me know if this is how it’s supposed to be. I have one more package to make. This was no different in height as far as rising if I followed a recipe and made myself with my own ingredients.
Please advise
PS I’m not looking to give a bad review that’s why I gave it 3 stars because this package was so convenient just wished it was a bit bigger.

Taco Lover wrap

it is not as flavourable as the Sundried Tomato or Chipotle Wraps - but sometimes you do want a neutral wrap to use with more flavourable fillings.


I love this flavor

Weird, weird flavour

I did not find that this keto chow had much flavour to it. Aftertaste is definitely root beer but the flavours while taking a sip remind me of yeast. Made this with HWC to get the full rootbeer float flavour but it is lacking for me.

Best Flavor EVER.

Keto Chow is awesome... this flavor is definitely the best of all the flavors, and one which I'll definitely be keeping a backup supply of!

Great package!

I love my shaker bottle!!!

Orange delight!

The orange cream is so yummy!I just add a scoop of collagen powder and heavy cream and fill her up the rest of the way with water! So reminds me of my favourite orange creamsicles 😊


This spread is a game changer for me. It's not as thick as regular jam, but the flavour and texture is perfect.

Odette Robitaille

Thé apple pie was really good but not my favorite but I would certainly buy again and maybe add more cinnamon to it or mix it with another flavour.These shakes have helped me stay on track and like that I don’t have to try and figure out my macros,it tracks it for me

Odette Robitaille

Thé chocolate toffee is very good and add 1 tsp beef gelatine to it to get extra collagen,sometimes I add 2 tsp to make it like a pudding

Chocolate Peanut Butter

This stuff tastes exactly like I expected. Awesome. Getting cookies and cream next.

I love Keto Chow!!

Orange cream is one of my favourite flavours — tastes just like an orange creamsicle to me! Love it with HWC and have it all the time!

SoooKetolicious 12" Pizza Crust

Awesome super low carb protein isolate!

Keto chow proteins are amazing. Such great quality - super clean ingredients. It's brilliant that they let YOU add the entire fat source so adjusting the calorie quantity is easy. I use butter to make shakes and ice-cream. Super rich and for me, dairy free. Chocolate toffee's in my top 5. Banana, lemon meringue, pumpkin spice, choc/peanut butter are all equally tasty. I highly recommend the sample pack with shaker bottle if you haven't tried this line yet. If you have, you're probably already hooked! The individ packets may appear expensive but the quality makes them well worth the cost in my opinion. The bulk bags are a great deal. And thanks SwitchGrocery for carrying it for us CDNs!!

Good Dee's pancakes

I have tried my own grain free pancakes, and several other brands and this one is the best! So delicious- no aftertaste, holds up well to added blueberries too!

Snacker Yogi -tasting bundle

This is a deal and a steal that will make you squeal! The Snacker Yogi Puffed Lotus Seeds are so light and tasty. They have the texture of a cheesy but are not greasy or full of powder- just enough seasoning.

Quick, Easy, Yummy

We were pleasantly surprised with how good they were! They quickly became a treat to have with our morning latte.
Only downside is that this product is a bit expensive. But I understand that the ingredients cost a lot more than traditional flours.

missleading link

the link to this item claims that these are sugar free "bald-baker-sugar-free-nutty-chipster-cookie" but these do contain sugar, i was falsely led to this page..

Very hard to find,

I used it in a chocolat tort, different!!


Working my way through the samples and banana is the last one I would have ordered. That is why it is good to try all before ordering the large size.
Such a good flavour. It is my favorite so far. I add 1/3 c. heavy cream and 16 oz. water. Just perfect. Can't wait to try the rest but they are all so good.
I only have one per day and look forward to it.

Keto Chow - Chocolate Toffee (21 serving bag)