Chai Latte Shake Launch by Keto Chow and 2 Krazy Ketos on SwitchGrocery Canada

Chai Latte Shake Launch by Keto Chow and 2 Krazy Ketos in Canada

This is likely be one of my all time favourite flavours from the Keto Chow team! In collaboration with Rachel and Joe from 2krazyketos, Keto Chow is launching Keto Chow Chai Latte and now we are launching it on SwitchGrocery in Canada!

This blog covers all the information about Keto Chow Chai Latte, what you need to know! It is available on SwitchGrocery at 7:30am on April 28th, Friday morning! 

Top 3 things to know about Keto Chow Chai Latte by Joe and Rachel from 2KrazyKetos 

What is so unique about the Keto Chow Chai Latte Flavour?

It has ACTUAL spices in it - nutmeg, all spice and cardamom to make the perfect chai flavour. Rachel is right, the chai spices have to be just perfect and the composition and quantities are important. 

2Krazyketos Joe and Rachel worked on this flavour for 1 year!!!!!! They had to reformulate several times as there was an acacia shortage, a change to the magnesium in Keto Chow (which changed the taste again) and the testing of the spices was key! 

Who is Keto Chow Chai Latte for? 

According to Rachel - “I love chai lattes so for me this is going right in step with my love for coffee and chai but WITHOUT coffee or caffeine”

This is for all the chai lovers!

Coffee lovers can mix this in coffee it’s delicious!

Eggnog lovers will love this flavour!

If you don't like spice or chai, this flavour is not for you!

What is the best way to drink Keto Chow Chai Latte - cream, butter, ice cream or warmed up?

2Krazyketos tested it 4 ways - ice cream, melted butter, heavy cream, and wait for it - warmed up chai latte!

This flavour took lots of testing and experimenting to get it JUST RIGHT! And, they insisted that and all of these combinations HAD to be perfect before launch. Here are the results:
🍦 Ice cream with Ninja Creami - unique way to change things up
🧈 Melted Butter - enhances the flavour
🥛 Heavy Cream - mutes it slightly
☕️ Warmed - with heavy cream is "chef's kiss" 

According to them, butter brings out the flavour, cream mutes the flavour a bit, the spices are amazing in ice cream. The BEST WAY they like Keto Chow Chai Latte is warmed up with whipped cream!!!

How many carbs are in Keto Chow Chai Latte?

This is another key only 1 net carb per serving and 2 total carbs per serving!!!  

What Miriam & Chris from Keto Chow has to say about Keto Chow Chai Latte? 

Joe and Miriam from 2KrazyKetos talk to Miriam and Chris from Keto Chow about the work that went into building out this flavour! 


You can shop Keto Chow Chai Latte Friday, April 28 at 7:30am in Canada. Available in single serves!


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