new launches in canada at switchgrocery

Exclusive Launches Coming to SwitchGrocery

New Launches Coming to SwitchGrocery

We have 4 new and exciting launches (2 sweet and 2 savoury) coming to SwitchGrocery in Canada! There are low carb, Keto, dairy-free, and gluten-free goodies coming your way.

Launch 1
Keto chow new flavour pecan sticky bun in canada
What’s New: Keto Chow Pecan Sticky Bun

Why You’ll Love It
This new flavour from Keto Chow in Canada has been a collaboration in the making for over a year! This collab with Steve of Serious Keto was developed from his love of pre-keto “pecan sticky buns and candied pecans at a fair”. This new launch tastes exactly like a Pecan Sticky bun in a shake! This is like reliving lazy Saturday mornings baking at Grandma’s before Christmas (minus the actually sticky fingers and floured nose).

Who It’s For
Keto Chow is a delicious, simple and easy to use meal replacement shake made for low carb and keto/diabetic diets! It’s a complete meal replacement and is perfect for those meals that you just don’t have time to make. If you appreciate a nutty and seasoned dessert, this is for you! It’s super brown sugar-y, perfectly cinnamon-y, and just the right amount of nutt-y.

How to Use It
Make everything from waffles, to ice cream, to pudding, and the OG - a protein shake! You can create low carb desserts from any Keto Chow flavour. This flavour is already like a dessert in a cup, now you can use it for baking too.

Launch 2

Keto brick mint chocolate exclusive in canada

What’s New: Keto Brick Mint Chocolate

Why You’ll Love It
Welcome to the holiday season with a LIMITED EDITION Keto Brick flavour available exclusively in Canada! For the first time ever, Keto Brick is incorporating erythritol which means it’s going to have a sweetened up element to the already delicious flavour of chocolate and mint.

Who It’s For
If you need a quick meal, snack, or boost of healthy fat - Keto Brick is it! With 1000 calories per brick, you can section these out to suit your low carb, sugar free lifestyle. If you love chocolate, then this flavour will be a hit. With the freshness of mint and the slight sweetness from erythritol, this exclusive flavour is for you!

How to Use It
You can enjoy this brick on it's own on the go or use it in recipes. Create mini fat bombs or melt it into bark.

Launch 3

gluten free dairy free Keto almond flour wraps in canada

What’s New: Piccola Cucina Wraps

Why You’ll Love It
Piccola Cucina does gluten-free wraps a little differently. These dairy free almond flour wraps are designed to be flexible enough to roll without breaking or falling apart and thick enough to not get soggy. Plus, they don't stick together! 

Who It’s For
These wraps make living a gluten free, dairy free, or low carb lifestyle that much easier. Each wrap contains 2g of net carbs, 8g of fibre, and 6g of protein. These delicious wraps are certified Vegan, Keto-friendly, Dairy and Gluten-Free.

How to Use It
The light almond taste creates a perfect wrap for savoury or sweet fillings. Roll them up with some peanut butter and jam or add in your choice of protein and veggies for tacos and quesadillas. These wraps are neutral in flavour, that it takes on the flavour of whatever you put inside of it.
Each pack includes 10 individual, 7-inch almond flour wraps. Keep frozen for up to 18 months.

Launch 4

kaizen Keto pasta at switchgrocery canada

What’s New: Kaizen Fusilli Pasta

Why You’ll Love It
The NEW Fusilli Pasta is the best one yet and we are also going to offer a 5 pack so you can save! The new formulation has been refined by Arash aka @shredhappens - who is dedicated to continuous improvement. This pasta is high protein and keto friendly. It has 20g of protein and 6g of net carbs per serving, making it perfect for a low carb or gluten free lifestyle.

Who It’s For
If you want a healthy swap for pasta - YOU NEED THIS! It’s gluten free, plant based, and keto friendly. With only 130 calories in a serving and 15g of fibre, this fusilli pasta is great for dinner, meal prep, and more.

How to Use It
Make this pasta hot or cold! Stir in with marinara sauce or add in shredded cheddar for a keto mac n’ cheese. You can also add in veggies, protein, and dressing to make a low carb pasta salad. The options are endless!!


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