Is Keto chow expensive in Canada?

Is Keto Chow Expensive?

My Keto Chow customer friends,

This past weekend that we increased the price of Keto Chow sample packs from $6.99 to $7.49. This is a $0.50 increase in the cost of the sample packs. There was no change made to the pricing on the 21 meal replacement large bags.

The pricing of Keto Chow is based on the cost of ingredients and shipping (mainly ingredients). Over the past few years, Keto Chow has incurred several increases in their ingredients. We did our best to hold off on increasing the sample pack price as LONG as we could, as our price to Keto Chow has increased to reflect their rising costs.

In this blog post, you will find:

  • What does Keto Chow Cost me?
  • How can I save on Keto Chow?
  • Calculations for a 3 week supply (just bags) and a 1 week supply (including fat source)


How much does Keto Chow cost me every week?

Conclusion first - The best saving is a 21 meal replacement bag where if you like a flavour, the big bag will give you the most savings by far on 3 weeks worth of meals = $37.30

I understand everyone has different budgets and different factors for decision making. With Keto Chow, I can share with you my personal reason why I have it for lunch every day. At the sample pack price + cost of fat, if I have 1 Keto Chow shake for lunch every day of the week, my cost is approx. $57 for the week for 100% of my lunches. It drops to $44 if I buy large bags. This PLUS the time saved compared to eating out, meal prep time, etc, gives me a solid return on investment.

If your priority is savings, I would definitely buy all the sample packs you can in the different bundles we offer. For the flavours I like, I would move up and purchase the large bag. You will save $37.30 for the same 21 servings which in my mind is significant.

Scroll to the bottom for more detailed calculations (for the accountants! I am one!)


How can I save on Keto Chow?

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Enter ketochow4bags at checkout if you purchase 4 large 21 serving bags for extra 5% off

Buy Keto Chow sample pack bundles or large bag bundles for savings.  

We will continue to do our weekly shows, recipes and tips and tricks to bring you value however we can to support your health journey. It is important for us to be a financially sound company and with that comes challenging pricing decisions. I appreciate you so much and I’m open to your views, your honest views, so please don’t hesitate to shoot me an email at or DM us.

Thank you,


Keto Chow Budget Calculations

3 week supply

Savings buying a 21-meal replacement bag vs sample pack

  1. 21 meal replacement = $119.99
  2. Sample Packs – 21 servings = $7.49 per sample pack x 21 = $157.29

Savings of $37.30 (significant!)

1 week supply

Weekly cost calculations for sample pack vs 21 meal replacement

Sample Pack

Weekly cost @ 1 meal per day for sample packs - $7.49 per serving

+ $0.60 for 56g of butter

= $8.09 per meal x 7 days

= $56.63 for the week


21 Meal Replacement Bags

Weekly cost @ 1 meal per day for 21-meal replacement bags - $119.99 / 21 servings

= $5.71 per serving

+ $0.60 for 56g of butter

= $6.31 per meal x 7 days

= $44.17 for the week


Weekly Savings of $12.46 or $1.78 per meal if you buy the 21 meal replacement bags


We also have a blog post on types of fat to use and cost. You can find that here.

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