Keto Chow Meal Replacement Shake Budget in Canada

Keto Chow Cost for your Grocery Budget

Summary: Keto Chow costs approximately $6.30 per meal. This would total of $44.1 per week and $176 per month at 1 meal / day for 7 days / week.  

Keto Chow is a delicious and easy meal replacement shake to make your keto journey simplified and save you time!  It's designed to fill you up and keep you full. With a well-rounded nutritional profile, all you need to do is add water, your choice of fat source and SHAKE! 

Is Keto Chow For You?

  • Are there times where you don't have time to eat through out the day?
  • Do you struggle with getting meal prep done for the week ahead?
  • Do you want something quick, easy AND delicious?
  • Do you struggle to get in the necessary vitamins and minerals in your every day meals?
  • Are you trying to make your grocery bill more predictable?
  • Do you prefer shopping from a company you can trust? Who would feed their own family of 6 the same food?

If you answered yes to any of these, Keto Chow is for YOU!

Keto Chow can both make your grocery bill more predictable and be friendly on your budget! The meal replacement shake was designed by busy parents of 6 who are also small business owners and wanted something easier for 1 or 2 of their daily meals. 

The best place to start is the Keto Chow Sample Pack! 


Keto Chow Sample Pack and Bottle Shaker on SwitchGrocery Canada


We've put together a breakdown of cost for you:

  • Work week of 5 days/ week
  • Full week of 7 days
  • Frequency of how many times you may want to consume Keto Chow (Breakfast, Lunch, and/ or Dinner)


 Cost of Keto Chow (not including fat, $119.99 large bag)

Breakdown 1 @ 5 days / week 

Keto Chow Meals / Day
Cost / Day 
Cost / Week
Cost / Month 
1 meal / day
2 meals / day
3 meals / day


Breakdown 1 @ 7 days / week 

Keto Chow Meals Cost / Day Cost / Week Cost / Month
1 meal / day $5.71 $39.97 $159.88
2 meals / day $11.42 $79.94 $319.76
3 meals / day $17.13 $119.91 $479.64


  • Average blended rate = $119.99/ bag and 21 servings / bag. Flavours range in price from $119.99 / bag to $124.99/bag for certain Sweet and Savoury flavours.

   Cost of Fat Source for Keto Chow  

The best part of Keto Chow (other than the delicious flavour) is that you can customize the type and amount of fat to fit your bodies needs.

Keto Chow has an easy to use calorie and fat calculator for you to get your own personalized numbers and some how to videos. You can find that HERE

The assumptions below are based on approx. 1,800 calories and is consistent with Keto Chow's example calculations on the packaging. 

Fat Source Serving Size Additional Cost / Meal Total Cost / Meal
Butter 56g  $0.60 $6.31
Whipping Cream* 1/2 cup $0.65 $6.36
Avocado Oil 1/4 cup $0.99 $6.70
  • **Serving size is customizable and the total calories of a Keto Chow meal can range from 200 calories - 1,000 calories depending on how you make it and your needs.
  • *Whipping cream - cost can range from $0.65 - $1.19 / Keto Chow meal depending on the brand of cream you use.
  • Quick tip - always use melted butter and warm/hot (not boiling) water to make your Keto Chow..

Cost assumptions

  • Butter - $4.75 for 454g of butter (Costco). Keto Chow recommends 1/2 a stick of butter, which works out to 56.7g. In Canada, with 454g of butter, 1/8 of the butter package would be 1 serving for this calculation. 
  • Heavy Cream - $5.69 for a 1L carton of cream (Costco) or $10.50 for 1 L carton of cream (Harmony Organic). Depending on your preference - some brands have emulsifiers. 
  • Avocado Oil - $17.49 for 1L avocado oil (Chosen Foods at Costco)


Top Keto Chow Flavours   

  • All year round - Chocolate, Chocolate Peanut Butter. Salted Caramel
  • Spring and summer - Lemon Meringue, Raspberry Cheesecake, Strawberry, Peaches and Cream (new) 

Check out all the flavours HERE!

Need to know how to prep/ make your Keto Chow? We have a full HOW-TO GUIDE on a variety of ways to make your shake with instructions and macros calculated too!

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