SwitchGrocery on Keto for Normies Podcast - Starting an online business

SwitchGrocery on Keto for Normies Podcast - Starting an online business

I talked a lot about the behind the scenes of building SwitchGrocery and about you! I hope you enjoy it!


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0:00-4:55 - Megha and Matt's intro!

  • The difference between entrepreneurs who have achieved some success and who haven't...
  • Who is Neha?....SwitchGrocery....Low Carb, Canadian online grocery....Where to get stuff in Canada....
  • When a local sub shop doesn't replace the C

4:55-6:45 - The awesome show sponsor!

Ketogenic Baking Company - discount and SwitchGrocery podcast sponsor

  • Show sponsor: Ketogenic Baking Company
  • Advertisement on products are things we stand behind
  • Ketogenic granola - 2 - 3 net carb granola that tastes like cookies!
  • Coupon: KCONNECT18 for 10% off your order

6:45-9:50 Interview starts. What is SwitchGrocery?

  • a curator of products that are paleo, keto and diabetes friendly and Canadian foodies!
  • how we work with our awesome suppliers
  • What are Live Wraps
  • Getting a lot of requests from the US for brands on SwitchGrocery! But how lucky are Americans?

9:50-12:50 The journey of Switch - 1  

  • managing long hours at work and weight loss
  • fighting the keto diet! 
  • why do I follow the keto diet 
  • i cannot make another cauliflower crust pizza! 

12:50-16:20 Jobs and entrepreneurship 

  • transition from corporate to entrepreneurship 
  • no matter where you are in life, try to be good at what you are doing
  • jobs of the future 
  • advice from Matt if you are thinking of taking the plunge

16:20-18:50 The journey of Switch - food manufacturing, distribution and retail!  

  • cauliflower crust pizza to selling live wraps! 
  • awesome incubator in Toronto called District Ventures Kitchen (previously FoodStarter), helps entrepreneurs commercialize and sell food products
  • the journey from your kitchen to the shelf! what it takes to have keto or paleo product on shelf? Shoutout to Deana, founder of Good Dee's Sugarfree Sweetness who also talked about this in her podcast with Keto Connect! After this episode, we talked more and started to carry her products!

 FoodStarter - accelerator in Canada for food


18:50-21:05 Your favourite products (I tried to avoid this question!) 

  • Brands we first approached!
  • Philosophie superfood protein, Cauli-Crust (not on SwitchGrocery yet) and Nuez nutmilks were the first! 
  • Where do you START with the business

 21:05-23:25 What has been the motivation for you to stay keto? 

  • Paleo and Keto 
  • Keto in the long term?
  • Switching it up (no pun intended and giggles) - bulletproof coffee, meat, boiled eggs, avocado, top keto snacks

23:25-26:45 If I'm starting keto, where to I start? 

  • Matt: you need a new keto starter kit (now we have to launch this!)
  • protein source, MCT, wraps (giving up a sandwich!), coffee is a life starter #meansnobbycoffee
  • What would be in Matt and Megha's starter kit? MCT, protein powder, ghee, magnesium supplement....just food! (listen for more!)
  • Matt's specific reco: L-theanine

26:45-32:00 What ingredients do you look for? How do you work with your suppliers?

  • net carbs for Keto
  • no grains for Paleo 
  • auto immune protocol ("AIP" protocol) - Celiac, Type 1 Diabetes - elimination of foods that could trigger issues! 
  • Opinion on Paleo bars, soy 
  • Bald Baker Cookies 
  • Pili Nuts launched on SwitchGrocery after the podcast


32:00-34:45 How is SwitchGrocery doing? Stories.... Launching a company.... 

  • First 20 customers....
  • Launching 5 times
  • Demos at St Lawrence Farmers' Market!
SwitchGrocery at St. Lawrence Farmer's Market

34:45-41:20 What are you doing to balance your work and personal life?

  • Writing notes and cards to customer friends
  • What is the value that SwitchGrocery brings to Canadians? 
  • Matt and Megha's input on keeping it personal but also growing their company (some gems!) What is the greater good? Creative work
  • Taking a break from your phone. Most draining time?
  • Learning to know when you need the break

41.20-44:25 On working out and your fitness journey 

  • "I was a cardio girl" to strength training
  • Philosophie: always go back to the gym
  • Working out at New Element Training. Interview with Andrei, the founder, here
  • 2 sessions, 1/2 hour each per week of high intensity interval training
  • Should you get a trainer? "ouch that hurts"

New Element Training Gym in Toronto

44:25-46:25 Doing keto with a partner? your husband? your family?

  • Keto bringing people together
  • Keto hot chocolate!

46:25-48:10 Favourite keto foods?

48:10-52:10 Tell us about accelerators 

  • Food Starter - training around food 
  • Women on the Move provides co working, workshops, and practical coaching for women owned businesses
  • Being lonely!
  • Most important skill in the 21st century....
  • Taking a course 

52:10-1:02:30 Do you ever have doubt? and the future of SwitchGrocery - 5 years?

  • Who lifts me up? 
  • Disrupting the traditional retailer and supplier relationship
  • Meetups
  • "We need to now look at our ingredients and start pushing the envelope on what are we putting in food. What are we feeding kids? As a company, I feel like we have a responsibility to be a part of where food should go in the future. I take that responsibility start. We CARE about what's in our food. We CARE about what we feed our families. We CARE about the ingredients. We CARE about the labels. I'm looking forward to SwitchGrocery being part of the change, not alone, but with other companies, with other suppliers. Even with competitors."
  • Matt - Change has to be made. We're doing harm right now. 
  • Canada Food Guide is changing....What if the food guide could change by 10%? Daycares, hospitals, schools and cafeterias.
  • Change comes from consumers!

Canada's Food Guide from 2007


1:02:30-1:07:00 - What is something that you've started in the last 5 months that has made a huge impact and you wish you had done it a lot?

  • Going personal. Life is more than food. 
  • I wish I bought this book 20 years ago - The Grief Recovery Handbook
  • No-one talks about loss. Divorce. Miscarriage. Losing someone you love. 
  • "You can lose the weight. You can solve your health issues. But you can still be sad inside."
  • 10 million people in the U.S. become grievers each year.
  • Loss isn't taught in schools and university
  • Does the pain ever go away?
  • Living a full life after loss

Grief Recovery Handbook

1:07:00 - Where can they find you?  


It's the 2 year anniversary of my podcast with KetoConnect, one of the most awesome food bloggers, youtubers and keto extroardinaire couple! The people behind Keto Connect are the awesome Megha and Matt. This was an in person interview in Atlanta!

If you'd like to try their Keto Bars Keto Connect collab, check out the famous chocolate strawberry bar, you can try it here 

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