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Good Dee's low-carb baking mixes are delicious and super easy to make. At SwitchGrocery, we have a variety of tasty all-purpose low-carb baking mixes to choose from in our online store. Besides low-carb mixes, we also offer Good Dee's frosting and sprinkles to top off your baking creations. Shop for low-carb baking ingredients that are also gluten-free in Canada's #1 online store – SwitchGrocery!

Good Dee's low-carb baking mixes are a delicious and super easy way to make baked goods without the hassle of purchasing and measuring out all the ingredients (usually only need 1 or 2 ingredients, like eggs and oil).  Not only are they low carb but most of the products are gluten-free, sugar-free, soy-free and wheat-free!


Good Dee’s baking mixes are also customizable according to your dietary needs and can make them dairy free and vegan by swapping out milk with almond milk and using coconut oil instead of butter.


Good Dee’s is bridging the gap between good health and tasty baked goods full of flavour and indulgence with every bite that anyone and everyone can and will enjoy. We are so happy to carry Good Dee’s baking mixes for Canadians to enjoy unlimited deliciousness regardless of diet or lifestyle!


If you are just starting out try the Good Dee’s Cookie Bundle!


Good Dee’s makes it easy to feed your sweet tooth without all the sugar.  Each delicious baking mix has less than 2-3 net carbs per serving.


We also carry some of their savory baking mixes like Corn Free Bread, Cracker Biscuit and Multi Purpose Bread.


We are basically a boulangerie of low-carb baking mixes…lol  If you didn’t guess it, boulangerie means bakery in french and don’t forget we also carry Good Dee’s Sugar Free Rainbow Sprinkles, so you can also decorate your baked goods and give them a little sparkle.


Frequently Asked Questions About Good Dee’s Baking Mixes


I am diabetic, is it safe for me to eat Good Dee’s mixes?


All mixes are made without any added sugar and use low-carb ingredients.  Therefore the mixes may be safe for people with diabetes.  However, all foods affect people differently and we suggest monitoring your blood sugars when consuming new products.



What makes Good Dee’s better than other low-carb baking mix companies?


Good Dee’s is committed to making mixes that are not only easy, but taste, look, and smell as close to their higher carb counterpart. Using only the best ingredients, the mixes are made with either almond flour, sunflower seed flour, watermelon seed flour, or peanut flour. Also, all of the mixes are 100% maltitol free! The sweeteners they use are either non-GMO erythritol, stevia, allulose, or monk fruit.


Will eating Good Dee’s Baking Mixes help me lose weight?


We can’t guarantee that you will lose weight but if you frequently consume those store-bought baking mixes full of sugar and other “not-so-healthy” ingredients, you may just notice a difference by choosing Good Dee’s instead.


About the Founder


Good Dee's founder, Deana Karim, created her mixes because she couldn't find delicious low-carb baking mixes for herself and her family.   


After her first son was born, Deana experienced changes in her body and metabolism that left her feeling less than optimal in her health. She discovered, too, that sugar was a trigger for her, with diabetes running in her family. These changes catapulted her decision to follow a low-carb, high-fat lifestyle. Thus, the seed was planted to start a company that had the same mission - to have healthier and sustainable relationships with food, and show anyone and every one the endless possibilities of delicious indulgence even with dietary or lifestyle restrictions. 


Deana is an inspiring person and committed entrepreneur who has made such a positive impact on the low-carb community (in so many countries, but especially here in Canada too). During the early days of Switch Grocery, she attended our meetups in Toronto and helped launch our bake-off events. She cares about our Customer Friends and it shows!


As the market for low-carb baking mixes grows, none come close to the ease and taste you get from Good Dee’s. Developing and testing every recipe herself, Deana knows her mixes inside out to make sure our Customer Friends are getting quality ingredients and a delectable finished product. 


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