The Best Low-Carb Snacks for Traveling

The Best Low-Carb Snacks for Traveling

If you follow a healthy lifestyle like me, there are a few options for low-carb snacking while travelling, whether it's a vacation, a work trip or a camping trip!

Which one do you follow?

  • 1) A trip means nothing! No change - I continue my lifestyle and diet 100% of the time during my travels!
  • 2) diet? lifestyle? out of the window! I eat whatever I want and whenever I want!
  • 3) I follow my lifestyle and diet most of the time with some indulgences (a range I'm comfy with!) 

I know it's especially hard if you have an autoimmune disease and/or serious allergies - you have to be careful!


I just got back from a vacation to beautiful Portugal for my brother's wedding (7 days) and then 3 days in London, UK! When I'm home, I follow a mixed approach: keto - 80% of the time, paleo/low carb - 15% and off-plan - 5% of the time!

My plan for the vacation was to continue this approach as best as I could! It was nice to make this decision BEFORE travelling!


My big wins: 

  • listened to my body a lot! Usually, on planes, I tend to overeat but I actually refused a meal!
  • Brought AMAZING snacks along (scroll down!) 
  • did a lot of charcuterie boards and local cheeses in Portugal
  • walked A LOT! 
  • did my best to make MINDFUL choices by asking myself - am I really hungry, do I really want this? For example - I did eat about 4-5 Portuguese tarts in total the entire trip - mindfully!
  • LOADS OF WATER, stocked up from a convenience grocery store!

My challenges:

  • a little bit of stress eating for sure!
  • towards the end of my vacation, I did get a little bit of this restrictive feeling - since I have to go back to my normal way of eating anyway, why don't I eat everything in sight? 

Overall, PRETTY GOOD right? I tried to achieve #3 but ended up somewhere between #2 and #3. I'm still adjusting back to my normal way of eating - finding I have a lot of carb and sugar cravings and it will take a little bit of time for that to subside. 


Taking snacks along I find REALLY REALLY helps no matter what approach I'm following! and then I thought of all of us - camping, work trips, and vacations!

The perfect camping and travel eats are ones that are at arm's length, delicious, and filling. This way you can spend more time taking in the beauty around you and less time worrying about what to eat!

Here are 9 of the best low-carb and keto-friendly snacks for your travels:

1. Pili Nuts & Butters

Pili Nuts are a delicious, nutritional powerhouse that are low in carbs and high in fat, a combination sure to keep you full and fueled! We have four different flavours to choose from, including Pili Nuts Coconut Oil & Himalayan Salt, Raw Cacao, Spicy Chili and Turmeric & Black Pepper. 

Prefer something creamy? No problem! The Pili Nut Butters take the delicious buttery taste of the pili nut to a whole new, creamy, and smooth level! Three different flavours to choose from, including Pili Hunters Expedition Fuel,  Lion's Mane Pili Nut Butter - Fungi Fuel with Pumpkin Spice (lion’s mane is known to support brain function and focus), and Raw Cacao Pili Nut Butter – Superfood Fuel (with cacao, maca, and lacuma for that added superfood boost!). We also have incredible new TRAVEL SIZE butters that are launching in September 2018!

2. Philosophie Superfoods

These blends are perfect on a trip! Philosophie Cacao Magic to sprinkle into your coffee (mocha it up!), Green Dream superfood protein all over your salads and sprinkle Berry Bliss on to yogurt for extra vitamin C! oh and they also have coconut butters and manuka honey WITH THE PROTEIN SUPERFOOD BLENDS IN IT (genius!) 

3. Four Sigmatic Sachets

Take your Four Sigmatic goodness with you! The handy sachets make carrying your favorite drink a total breeze! Start your day with Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee with Lion's Mane & ChagaFour Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee with Cordyceps & ChagaFour Sigmatic Mushroom Mocha with Chaga or Four Sigmatic Hot Cacao with Cordyceps

Time to unwind by the campfire? Bring your Four Sigmatic Hot Cacao with Reishi sachets - sip, and relax! 


4. Phat Fudge 

Phat Fudge = the ultimate camping and travelling snack! Each ingredient is made to provide instant, sustained energy and improved focus and memory. Perfect for breakfast, as a snack, or as a pre-hike treat! This is must-have for the active traveller!

5. Pre-Prepped Good Dee’s Treats

Take your Good Dee’s goodies to go! Deana, the lovely founder of Good Dee’s, let us in on the best tip - prep your fave low carb treat, individually wrap in paper towel to prevent moisture, bag, and bring with you! Should be good for 2 to 4 days! Who says you can't camp and have your dessert too?

So many mixes to choose from, from cookies, to snack cakes, to muffins! Click here to see our Good Dee's collection!


6. Bald Baker Cookies

Prefer already made treats? Bald Baker has got you covered! These low-carb, keto-friendly cookies are the perfect combination of chocolate, peanut butter and rich nuttiness. They are also individually packaged, making them the ideal camping companion. Choose between Nutty Chipster or Sweet and Salty! 

Even better - forget choosing and get both!

7. Coco Polo 

Another option for an easy to bring treat is Coco Polo! And who doesn't like chocolate? Our Coco Polo collection includes both milk and dark chocolate varieties, as well as vegan-friendly options!




8. Eating Evolved Chocolate

Eating Evolved chocolates are both soy and dairy-free and come in bar or coconut butter cup formats. If you are camping somewhere warm, we recommend keeping your chocolate stash in your cooler! 

9. Eat Fatso Hybrid Peanut Butter

Eat Fatso is the perfect way to get some protein and healthy fats, by the spoonful! Think everything you love about peanut butter, infused with coconut oil, avocado oil, MCT, macadamia oil, chia seeds, and flax. Talk about one happy camper!  



More travel inspiration?

- I listened to this WINNING podcast by @ketoconnect with AMAZING travel tips! They inspired me to enjoy local charcuterie and cheese boards in Portugal!

- Kenza @ketoflightattendant on Instagram is a WEALTH of amazing travel tips and I love her balanced approach! She's a flight attendant for Air Canada, my airline of choice and is known for her creative global grocery hauls!


What kinda diet and lifestyle approach do you follow when you're travelling? I'd love ALL of your tips - I've got another trip coming up soon!


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