Will you leave SwitchGrocery a Google Review?

Will you leave SwitchGrocery a Google Review?

Hi Customer Friends,

SwitchGrocery has made Top 15 in Canada for the Odlum Brown Pitch 🎉 It's all thanks to your continued support. You've supported our shop, shopped with us repeatedly and I appreciate you!

The Semi-Finale is February 16th, 2023 and Neha will be pitching our company to win $30,000! We would love to have more Google Reviews for the judges to read as more eyes will come on SwitchGrocery in the next few weeks.

1. We'd like to increase Google reviews to over 250

At January 26, 2023 - 206 reviews. 44 to go!

2. Increase Product Reviews to 4,000 

At January 26, 2023 - 3,813 reviews. 187 to go!


Review SwitchGrocery Canada on Google

These reviews increase our ranking in the Google Search Engine, help the judges learn more about our company through your eyes.

Google Reviews

Leave us 1 google review.

Head on to this link

Product Reviews

Leave us 3 product reviews.

Head to actual product page you have bought:

- Click on Reviews

- Click Write a Review

- Use the email you order with and this way you can earn points!

Bonus: Below is a list of products where we need more reviews 

Burlap & Barrel Single Origin Spices

Kaizen Pasta

JOI Nutmilks

Keto Chow - especially new flavours 

Mr. Tortilla Low Carb Tortillas and Chips

Explorer Cold Brew Cold Brew

Omega Power Creamer

Sweet Monk Sweetener

If you haven't tried these, seriously any other brand that you LOVE, please leave 3 product reviews. We're trying to focus on products where we have less than 3 reviews or 0 reviews.


What do I say in my reviews? 

The more specific the review, the bigger the increase in our ranking on Google.

For google reviews, we would love of you can comment on:

- What you LOVE about SwitchGrocery

- Your experience - shipping, delivery, emails, chats with our team
- Your favourite products
- Recipes and Blogs that you've found helpful

- If you follow us on IG, FB, TikTok, our FB Group, Linkedin

- If you watch our Weekly Tasting Show

For product reviews, specificity - how the product helped you or what you enjoyed the most about it. There's also options for photos.

But - do not aim for perfectionism - short specific reviews are fantastic! 


Enter Code 

Once you are done these reviews, please use code mayswitchwin for 5% off your next order!


Thank you so so much! I want SwitchGrocery to become a household grocery store name in Canada and I KNOW we can do this. You make this possible. 

We appreciate you!



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