Easy Peanut Butter Board Recipe - Trending on TikTok

Easy Peanut Butter Board Recipe - Trending on TikTok

The Butter Board was trending on TikTok and then along came something better - the Peanut Butter Board! If you search TikTok, Peanut Butter Board Ideas is a rising trend and that's because....

...it is SO delicious, super easy to make, nutritious. This is our version of the Peanut Butter Board, made low carb, gluten free, sugar free!  

This recipe for you if you:

1. LOVE Peanut Butter and all things Peanut Butter! 

2. WANT an easy snack to make (weekend, Thanksgiving or Christmas, nighttime snack)  

3. NEED to keep it low carb and gluten free - but you have a sweet tooth! 

Note: this recipe doesn't have measurements because you can truly get creative and make this your own.

Watch me make the trending Peanut Butter Board Live




Peanut Butter - You can use Fatso or any brand that's spreadable!

Pili Hunter's Pili Nuts

Coco Polo Chocolate Chips

Good Good Brand Strawberry Jam, Blueberry Jam 

Vancouver Island Flake Sea Salt 

Burlap & Barrel Silk Chili 

Optional: Keto Brick Bark


Sliced Apples or Celery

Mr. Tortilla Chile Limon Chips 

Eve's Crackers Crackers 


1. Spread an entire jar of Peanut Butter on a cheese board. I did 750g (it's a lot, but I have a family of 3 AND a pup who LOVES peanut butter). 

(It's important that when using a natural peanut butter like Fatso, you make sure it's blended well. You can use an immersion blender or simply turn the jar of Fatso over in the fridge. The next day it will be way more blended)

2. Store the board in the fridge for 1 - 3 hours. The consistency will be perfect for a Peanut Butter Board.

Divide the board in 1/2 and 

3. Left Side 

  • Spoon out Good Good Strawberry & Blueberry Jam and spread it across the board
  • Add Keto Brick pieces
  • Sprinkle Vancouver Island Flake Sea Salt over this portion

4. Right Side

  • Sprinkle Pili Hunter's Pili Nuts. You can chop these up or if you like larger pieces, use as is
  • Sprinkle Coco Polo Chocolate Chips on the Peanut Butter Board. You can use Milk or Dark depending on your preference.

Two customer recommendations (in the video above) that elevated this board:

  • Sprinkle Vancouver Island Flake Sea Salt 
  • Sprinkle Burlap & Barrel Silk Chili Flakes 

These two add-ins add so much depth and flavour to this board - the flavour was actually unbelievable! The jam and salt, the chili flakes and chocolate chips.  

Your TikTok Trending Peanut Butter Board is ready!

What should you pair with a Peanut Butter Board? 

Pair with Apple Slices or Celery Sticks

One customer recommendation (in the video above) was Mr. Tortilla Chips. The combination was INSANE! Crunchy & sweet together, with a touch of spice on the Chile Limon Flavour

Pair with Eve's Crackers for another savoury option!

Store in the fridge overnight up to 5 days! 



More about the ingredients:

1. Pili Hunter's Pili Nuts are the lowest carb, highest carb nut, which makes them perfect for a low carb, keto diet. In addition, they are so chalk full of nutrition - high in Vitamin E and fat, an ideal source of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. If you haven't tried pili nuts before, they are a cross between a macadamia and cashew. These are directly sourced from the Philippines and we SO proud to carry them in Canada. The founder, Jason, is AMAZING and a new dad!

2. Good Good Brand Jams and Spreads are one of the best sugar free jams available in Canada. They have minimal ingredients, are sweetened with stevia. I've learned it's really really difficult to make a sugar free jam (as sugar is the main ingredient that keeps it all together) and the Good Good team has figured that out! 

3. Why Fatso? Take your regular Peanut Butter and elevate it! This is Peanut Butter with good fats like coconut oil, MCT oil, chia seeds and flax. The key is that it's palm oil and sugar free. The things that make it spreadable on demand unfortunately are preservatives. 

4. Why Coco Polo Chocolate? Compared to all other sugar free options, this one tastes AMAZING! No cooling taste, no tummy aches. Coco Polo founders have over 30 years of experience in the chocolate industry, only source high quality cacao and have formulated a chocolate for you whether you are keto, diabetic, sugar free or just love great chocolate!

We hope you enjoyed our take on the viral Peanut Butter Board! I've even seen it be made Charcuterie style - so the world is your Peanut Butter Oyster!